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Herbal Musings

It was a calling from beyond that I would change my life and live my passion by my hands. This is where Rose comes into my story. The plant and her abilities are strong, resolute, calming, cooling, and infiltrating. It is one of those smells that stays with me . . . if I tuck my head in a flower or pour a cup of rosebuds in my bath, they permeate.
I have teas for all of the seasons, moods, and ailments. When the summer heat makes me feel extra, I reach for the mood cooling magic of Tulsi Basil & Anise Hyssop. It's one of the many reasons I made our Deep Ahh tea - for when the world is just a little too much to handle and I need support. Add a few slices of cucumber and a squeeze of lemon and watch how that brings you to balance.
Being a slippery herb (demulcent) with lots of mucilage its main job is to heal by coating and soothing any inflammation that is on a mucous membrane. So for folks that have what I consider a “hot” digestive complaint - reflux, diverticulitis, hemorrhoids, heartburn or ulcers - the first thing we look at is adding marshmallow root as a cold infusion to coat and soothe. The magic of mending or healing with Marshmallow comes by the coating of the digestive tract all the way from the start of your mouth to your bottom: it is your alimentary canal from top to bottom. I think you might get the picture…. at least I hope so!

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