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Herbal Musings

Has it ever occurred to you that maybe the reason why certain "weeds" grow abundantly is because we can benefit greatly from using them just as abundantly as they grow? Plantain is one of these abundantly available and abundantly useful herbs!

It was a calling from beyond that I would change my life and live my passion by my hands. This is where Rose comes into my story. The plant and her abilities are strong, resolute, calming, cooling, and infiltrating. It is one of those smells that stays with me . . . if I tuck my head in a flower or pour a cup of rosebuds in my bath, they permeate.
Oxymels are potent medicine and can be used in a healing protocol (especially for children), but I like to use them as a daily herbal boost to my food and beverages because oxymels are so tasty. I’m a strong believer in using herbs daily to keep your immune system strong and to aid in your body’s natural detoxification processes. So, let’s talk about how to incorporate oxymels into your routine to amplify your health . . .

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