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Herbal Musings

Elderberryis an immune tonic and something I like to use for the changing of the season, back to school, for traveling and general wellness.  It’s SWEET so it usually is a remedy that kids actually enjoy and I use these immune-boosting berries in conjunction with other herbs: especially for colds and flus. Elderberry is a simple deep black berry, it is a powerhouse of immunity and can really add oomph and vitality to your day-to-day wellness. It is known to build the immune system, shorten the duration of a cold or flu, help with rheumatism and inflammation, reduce the symptoms and duration of a flare up from the herpes simplex virus (HSV). The berries are also supportive of the cardiovascular system and may help lower blood pressure because they are working on helping with inflammation.


Fire Cider is a, no joke, traditional medicine: it is so tasty and the combination of vinegar, infused with powerful decongestant oomp for sinus relief and spicy circulatory movers, makes this an easy go-to for winter wellness. It works with your natural health processes by stimulating digestion and get you nice and warmed up on harsh days or when you feel a little under the weather.

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