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Three herbal remedies to build your Immunity Bubble

How did I know I was getting sick?  I could feel the tiredness, the little ache in my back, the chill that all comes with me getting sick.  Identifying what is happening is the first step…

Think of the word COLD. Picture in your mind a glass of ice, snow flurries in Buffalo, stepping into icy water when you’re hiking.

Now think of the word HOT.  Fire in the stove, sitting on the shores of Miami Beach, sipping a  hot toddy. Which one do you want to choose right now?

I’m guessing most of us chose the HOT.

Why warming?  Adding heat in the form of spices increases circulation which then dispels the “germs” out of the body through increased metabolic processes.  Here are three herbs and ways to use them to help the body fight off colds & flus.


Fresh if you can. I love to add six long slices of ginger into a big mug of tea with maybe a little honey (and possibly whiskey -am I right?) and feel the spicy warmth and goodness all over your body.  You’ll start to sweat and go wee wee a bit more for sure it’s your bodies way of speeding up.


I’m a big believer in all the healing properties of this herb -- but sometimes raw garlic isn’t what the body craves when we are sick. I always keep a small batch of garlic honey on hand - just peel 8-10 garlic cloves and smash them add the garlic to an 8 ounce jar and pour with local raw honey.  I leave it on the counter for a day flipping it upside down and then right side up. Refrigerate after that. Take 1-3 teaspoons a couple times of day and this antibacterial pungent powerhouse will aid the body in getting well!


I’m not person who loves spice. BUT when I start sneezing or feeling the sinus pressure, I’ll dose it up.   I keep a couple spicy remedies, like our Ruby Fire Oxymel at my house but adding 6 chili's to 8 ounces of apple cider vinegar for at least 2 weeks and boom you’ve got a herbal remedies.    I’m a lightweight with spice so I always make a little slurry of hot water and honey then add a 2 tablespoons of the cayenne vinegar to my cup and drink it down like a shot but others love this as it is and as a finishing vinegar or on salads & greens.

Keeping this really simple folks.  Just wanting to give you something to reach for as we begin battle for health this season.  


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