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Motherwort: the Herb for all the Mothers

The herb for all the Mama's and those who need Mothering.

I'm not sure if you can identify but sometimes the mothering of my son and my other baby, my business put strains and weights on me that feel almost like too much. At times there is angst toward the never ending to do list. That super solid never ending hamster wheel of life.  And thank GOODNESS there is an herb for that for me I constantly reach for my calming herbal companion, Motherwort.

Motherwort's botanical name is, Leonurus cardiaca or lion hearted - she is just about to come into flower in my garden and has a tall straight prickly spine. She considered an herbal cardiotonic and works to increase circulation. She works on the heart as a diuretic to reduce blood pressure, help with palpitations and irregular heart beats. She helps us stay steady and strong. She is a mother to us and for us, at times she is for the ones that need mothering and other times she is the ones that need the resilience that it takes to be a mother. She is for grieving and healing a broken heart, when our battles are internal and yet we still must go on with our day to day. 

Motherwort is also gentle nervine. She helps calm, soothe and bring you back into your heart centeredness and passion.  I've also used this herb when I feel real danger or anxiety that feels on the verge of crippling, one time a friend and I were really lost in the woods on a hike and we were severely unprepared for a long hike and it was getting dark, I felt the panic rising and I started taking my "last nerve" tonic which had a significant amount of motherwort to keep my panic at bay.  It's also very helpful when my mind starts getting away from my heart. She restores my sense of backbone. Gives me a feeling of resilience and strength.

She is prickly and tough. She is a bitter tonic and a women's herb and stimulates the liver break down hormones, regulate menstrual cycles and balance PMS and menopause. She is the perfect ally for those that have hot flashes and will help dispel the heat.  

In the garden, Motherwort is spiny and tall and has a enduring strength and takes no bullshit as she spreads where she will and blossoms with force. Spiritually for me she honors herself and others for their innate gifts and lets them shine.

Yay for Mothers and Motherwort!  Stay tuned for a release of our Last Nerve Tincture coming very soon!   

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