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Basil: Our Aromatic Herbal King

With as many volatile oils as basil has you should probably find out that it is a great medicinal herb. Since basil is so abundant, it is easy to add into your day-to-day for a wellness boost.  I’ve been adding it to my juice in the mornings with whatever else I can toss in: lemon, celery, apple as some of my favorites. Before the summer basil turns, I'll be making pesto to freeze for the winter.

The pungency of basil is no joke: put a whole leaf in your mouth and chew it up to for an eye opening experience. I love basil torn up in salads, added to my favorite stir fry (toss it in at the end of cooking), or I'll make an infused salt with those final leaves before it shifts to brown. Here’s how to infuse your salt: take fresh basil and layer it in sea salt or Himalayan Salt, and then let the salt soak up the moisture for about 3 days. After that, then crumble the layers all together for a FANTASTIC uplifting basil infused salt. Use it to garnish your dishes or use it with a Margarita: all wins all the way around!

Herbal Wellness: Herbal wellness wise I love basil for so many ailments and it's definitely one of those easy go-to herbs that you may have in your kitchen cupboard.

Internally: Sore throat, arthritis, indigestion, diaphoretic (makes you sweat and reduces a fever), rejuvenation tonic, increased circulation when you need it, increased metabolic function, restores energy.

Externally: bacterial and viral infections, tension relief, and arthritis support.

Spiritually:  For me, I feel a sense of calm and peace - either when I burn it or add a couple drops of essential oil into my diffuser. When I add it to our food at home, it is wise and brings connection when cooked with or in tea: think of a big Italian feast where all ages, people and family are connected and enjoying the feeling of togetherness. Energetically, basil is known to ward off evil spirits and used for purification.


  • Do not use the essential oil internally or externally during pregnancy.
  • Do not use medicinally during pregnancy or while breastfeeding or give to young children or infants. Normal cooking amounts are not harmful, however.
  • Diabetics should cautiously use the herb medicinally.

I hope this helps you see one of your favorite culinary herbs in a beautiful new and magical light. Sending all the love from the plants and I.

Green Blessings,




(Photo: | from The Farm at Sunnyside)




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