Basil: Our Aromatic Herbal King

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With as many violate oils as basil has you should probably find out that it is a great medicinal herb.   And since is soo abundant it's easy to add in for wellness.  I’ve been adding it to my juice in the morning with lemon and everything else that I can possibly juice. Basil, celery, apple and lemon is one of my eye openers for sure.  I'll be making pesto for the winter hopefully this week before it turns.   

The pungency of basil is no joke, put a whole leaf in your mouth and chew it up to experience this.  I love basil torn up in salads, added to my favorite stir fry at the end.  OR I'll make an infused salt quickly with leftover basil before it turns brown.   Take fresh basil and layer it in sea salt OR himlayan salt. Let the salt soak up the moisture for about 3 days then crumble them all together for a FANTASTIC uplifting basil salt.  

Then use it in this margarita.   All wins all the way around. Here’s one of my favorite margaritas garnished with the basil rimmed salt:

Flip of the Switch Margarita

1.5 ounces Tequila

1oz Lime Juice

.5 ounce Grapefruit Juice

.5 ounce Wild Roots Apothecary Rosehip Hibiscus OR simple syrup

Sprig of basil

Slices of Grapefruit

Rim glass with basil salt using lime wedge.   Add basil to shaker and muddle for 20 seconds add rest of ingredients shake hard and pour into rimmed glass with ice. Garnish with basil and grapefruit. Share for extra happiness.


Herbal wellness wise I love basil for so many ailments and it's definitely one of those easy go to herbs that you may have in your kitchen cupboard. 

Internally: Sore throat, arthritis, indigestion,  diaphoretic (makes you sweat and reduces a fever), rejuvenation tonic, increased circulation when you need it, increased metabolic function, restores energy.

Externally: bacterial and viral infections, tension relief, arthritis,

Spiritually:  For me I feel a sense of calm and peace - either when I burn it or add a couple drops of essential oil into my diffuser. When I add it to our food wise brings connection when cooked with or in tea.  This of a big italian feast where all ages, people and family are connected and enjoying the feeling of togetherness.



  • Do not use the essential oil internally or externally during pregnancy.
  • Do not use medicinally during pregnancy or while breastfeeding or give to young children or infants. Normal cooking amounts are not harmful, however.
  • Diabetics should cautiously use the herb medicinally.


Energetically Basil is known to ward off evil spirits and purification. 

I hope this helps you see one of your favorite culinary herbs in a beautiful new and magical light. All the love from the plants and I. 

Green Blessings, 



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