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A little wild and weedy adventure

A Guide to Early Spring Wild Weeds

There is a total sense of awe as the plants unfurl and wake up.


I went for a sanity walk (um yup) to just go a little micro and engage in the world of plants. 


Chickweed, harvested after rain it sucks up all that moisture and turns it into tender juicy leaves. It’s perfect for a little crunch and munch as your gathering. Filled with vitamins and minerals, it nourishes from the inside out. This plant has an affinity for healing skin eruptions as our faces transition from winter to spring. Add to your salads and freeze into cubes to use after it dries up. 


Cleavers, or “sticky willy” makes me smile as it reaches towards the sun and crawls along the walls and rocks of our little town.

 I often use this plant as a tea or tincture to move the body stagnancies, especially lymph nodes. 

Again mostly internal, but a mischievous joy to put on people’s backs and spread the love and laughter.


 Dandelion, leaf & flower. Brings light and brightness to the body as an edible and herbal. It soothes the liver and supports digestion with its bitter leaves. And the flowers as long as you just use the petals and not the bract make a fun fritter either sweet or savory -- or make a little dandelion wine or jelly for the vibrancy and connection. 


Purple Dead Nettle is EVERYwhere right now. I will say this is not my go-to edible, but I will pick the flowers out and enjoy those in my salad. The luscious tops are filled with vitamins and minerals so I add those to my bone broth to bring vitality. 


Wild onions!!!! I always get a lil frustrated when my husband starts getting the lawnmower ready for the season. I know there are only a few more days before the hair cuts to the plentiful weedy allium family plant the wild chive or onion. These are so harvestable and can be used in any culinary capacity that you would use chives. 

Well folks get outside and harvest all this goodness. Not sure where to harvest? Find a neighbor with an untouched lawn. 


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Dandelion Leaf

Wild Onions

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