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This little magical GLOW plant: Calendula

I just planted some Calendula both plants and seeds in my pajamas this morning. Hello spring gardening.
(yes its forgiving) as I rubbed the resinous blooms I was taken back with how this little flower over the years has supported healing all over the world. This is one of those herbs that people remember and know.
Medicine that has been passed on and on and on. So here is what I know to be true for Calendula blossoms, and to encourage you to plant a few seeds or plants if you can for all that dry itchy skin, rashes and what not coming your way.
Calendula is a beautiful companion plant for all gardens and a glorious opportunity to have a healing medicinal in the garden. ⠀
It offers a chance at brightness and lifting healing energy for so many of our bodies systems.
Classically used as a healer of the skin herb, Calendula was one of the first herbs that I used on my sweet baby's bottom to protect, heal and cool. ⠀Thank you #weleda!
And now with my maturing skin it is one that I use to keep my skin as supple as possible.
Infused as an oil Calendula blossoms, offer the sweet relief from Eczema and “hot spots” on animals and people. It's a truly coating and soothing plant.
Because Calendula is cooling and bitter it often takes away the heat from digestion and and encourages absorption, supports the body in reducing inflammation in the gut wall, detoxifies the body from pathogens, offers soothing protection and healing from ulcers and often brings light from the inside out.
So that's a little glimpse of herbal goodness for this morning, using herbs as complex and yet simple medicine.
Our Sunshine Nectar is Calendula in a bottle with a little extra love to soothe the skin, it's also in our go to for all the summers bites, bruises nicks and scratches our Rx Repair salve.  And it's our featured plant for August 2021 CSHA!  Join us now. 

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