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My Favorite Green Witch Wellness Advice (aka nagging)

I’m not one to tell people what todo (baahahhahahaha) yes, I am! Here are my little ways to keep you healthy this season.

Bundle Up: This is the EASIEST way I know to keep yourself well: to cover your throat and kidneys. I know it is Mom’s favorite thing to say, “Put a hat on!” and “Bundle bundle bundle up as much as you can!” Yes, this is one of the best ways to stay well. (don’t be a rebel here)  The kidneys (located on your back below your rib cage above your hips are sensitive and powerful organs. They control the heat what goes in and out. So keeping the heat in is crucial for staying healthy. With your throat and neck are sensitive to all the dryness and are where infection starts.  As the dry or damp, colder months come in our bodies are open to infection so covering your neck with a scarf and your kidneys with a solid coat are one way for wind to not enter the body. And “wind” moves the body to be unwell. It’s a little more complicated than that but try it!

Eat Lots of Whole Food Goodness: Yes, this is the time for broth bases, soups, and stews. The broth is filled with crucial vitamins and minerals for nurturing the body whether you’re an omnivore or a vegetarian extracting all the goodness from our veggies and bones is a wonderful way to add vitality.  Add a little kombu, astragalus, and reishi and then loads of fresh garlic if you can handle it. Get our recipe for Herbal Bone Broth with Peelings {here}.

Aromatic, Hydration: Keep a pot of water on your stove with aromatics on low all day long. Right now, I have Rosemary on my fireplace and I love the classic combo of star anise, cinnamon, orange peel, and cloves.  You can also add some fresh greens like pine or cedar to really open up the lungs. You can keep it going all the time, clean it out every couple of days and replace with fresh aromatics and water. It not only keeps the air a little more moist but it also works kinda-like an essential oil: those wafting scents actually help remove the germs from the air. 

Weird but True: Keep some cut up onions laying around. This is another one of the Appalachian “tricks” that someone told me years ago and I’m kinda like: “it can’t hurt right?” I leave cut onions in various rooms around the house to, once again, pull the germs out of the air and help clear my house.

Smudging: Talk about wanting to get the sick out! I love the power of smoke to clear energy and, especially the energy of feeling sick, when we or our loved ones are sick it can tend to drag on for days. If you can open the windows and do a little smudging, it’ll help to clear your space of sickness and stagnant energy.

Tea Tea Tea: I’ve had about 16 different cups of tea going this week - mostly a Chai Spice with extra, added ginger (warms me up) - but I’ve also had ourSniffle & Snot,Deep Ahh and the simple blend of just lemon and honey. Tea warms us from the inside out, helps keep us hydrated, and helps moves those germs out of our bodies.  

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