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Lemony Dandelion or Wildflower Crepe Recipe

Lemony Dandelion Crepes Recipe

This recipe came from a good friend, who piles up crepes almost every Sunday for her kiddos and mine when he is there to gobble up. The full spread includes yogurt, various cream cheeses, fresh fruit, and jams. My heart is always simple with this one: "Lemon with powdered sugar, and put my berries on the side, please!"



Perfect a human family of four (or three growing boys)!


Lemony Dandelion Crepes with Powdered Sugar and Berries



2 tablespoons melted butter, browned if you want it fancy
1 cup at least 2-percent or higher milk, or plant milk
1 cup flour - either all-purpose, oat flour, or gluten-free flour
2 tablespoons sugar - omit if you'd like savory crepes
4 whole eggs
Pinch of salt
4 Dandelion flower heads, calyx 's removed (the green part)
Other wild green flowers like Henbit, dead Nettle, Veronica, and maybe a little Chickweed if you'd like.



In a bowl, add as follows:

Wait til your butter cools a bit but doesn't cool too much that it turns solid. I usually wait about 3-5 minutes.

Add whole eggs, and make sure eggs are consistent throughout and not separated at all.

Then, add the rest of ingredients into the bowl and whisk til everything is incorporated. Sometimes, it helps to sift in your flour slowly so it doesn't clump, but really it's up to you.

Make sure you mix your flowers in or add more before pouring.

Crepe pouring is a swirl of goodness! In a medium non-stick pan, pour about 1/4- to 1/2-cup of crepe batter.

Then, swirl it until it coats the whole bottom of the pan. The first crepe is usually a bust, but after that you'll get the hang of it!

Reminder: with crepes, you really want to keep them not browned or crispy, just cooked. I flip mine and then quickly plate up.

I hope you enjoy our little bit of wild food this week!

Check out the video below.

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