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The Celestial Garden

The Celestial Garden: Growing Herbs, Vegetables, and Flowers in Sync with the Moon and Zodiac

By Jane Hawley Stevens with Foreword by Rosemary Gladstar


Insight, ideas, and inspiration abound in this highly practical guide to growing successfully in harmony with the moon, the Earth, and other planetary influences.

Planting by the moon is an age-old gardening tradition, but did you know that the cycles of the moon and the zodiac can be a powerful tool to improve your success with all kinds of gardening tasks? In The Celestial Garden, longtime gardener and herbalist Jane Hawley Stevens explains how the movement of the moon through the constellations of the zodiac provides a detailed calendar of optimal times for planting seeds, roots, and transplants, as well as for pruning, weeding, propagation, harvesting, and even starting new garden projects or throwing garden parties. While herbs are Stevens’s specialty, she loves growing all kinds of plants, and The Celestial Garden provides excellent gardening tips for every gardener, whether their passion is for vegetables, fruits, herbs, or flowers. At a deeper level, Stevens believes that gardening by the moon and learning about astrological cycles can help restore our elemental interconnection with Nature and the Earth.

The Celestial Garden introduces and explains all aspects of astrological gardening:

  • What moon signs are, and why and how the phase of the moon affects plant growth and development
  • How to align the moon’s passage through the constellations of the zodiac with your choice of daily garden tasks and projects
  • Specific tips and advice for the best activities to undertake during each of the moon’s phases
  • How to incorporate simple, creative seasonal rituals into your astrological gardening practice
  • How to design a unique chakra garden
  • How to apply what you learn about astrological influences beyond the garden to experience a greater sense of flow and satisfaction in all aspects of your daily life

 Photos of the author’s garden throughout the book provide visual evidence of the positive results that come from gardening in harmony with the moon and planetary influences. Illustrations and charts help readers understand the lunar cycle and its influence on plants, the astrological rulers of the body, and the relationship between the signs of the zodiac and the four elements (earth, air, water, fire).

Gardeners of every level of experience will find new insights, ideas, and inspiration in this unusual, beautiful, and highly practical guide to the simple yet expansive art of consulting with the cosmos to inform our garden tasks on any given day, week, or month and enjoy greater gardening satisfaction and success.

"[Stevens'] advice is plentiful . . [and her] horticultural degree underscore the science of her work."―Booklist

“A unique and wonderful book, brimming with the knowledge and skills that arise from a lifetime in herbalism. . . This book is a major contribution to herbalism’s role not only in the alleviation of suffering, but the transformation of human consciousness. Thank you, Jane!”―David Hoffmann, RH (AHG), fellow, National Institute of Medical Herbalists; principal scientist, Traditional Medicinals

"In this easy-to-understand guidebook, Jane Hawley Stevens demystifies the moon and stars in relationship with nature and explains how you can use their powerful cycles to make your garden the most beautiful, bountiful, and happiest it can be."―Maria Rodale, author of Love, Nature, Magic

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