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Sencha Green

Green tea from the Shizuoka region of Japan.

Special occasions call for a Japanese tea that is truly sublime. Our 'Sencha Premier' is just such tea.

Made only from the dark green leaves gathered in the treasured first (early spring) flush, this tea infuses with an aroma and taste unsurpassed by any other.

If you enjoy green tea, do not miss an opportunity to revel in this unique treat.

In a teapot or tea infuser add 2 tablespoons of mix. Pour 6 ounces of boiling water over the mix and let steep for 5-15 minutes. This tea is also one you can refresh with a little more tea and a rebrew. 

Weight: 2.5 oz. and brews approximately 30 cups of tea

Ingredients: Sencha tea leaves


This tea contains a moderate level of caffeine

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Customer Reviews

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Tea Lover

I have bought this tea from Wild Roots a few times over the years and it's usually excellent. This particular batch tastes like it is rather old, which is perhaps why it was on sale for a pretty low price. It needs a five-second rinsing in order to wash out what otherwise yields a discolored and somewhat bitter brew that borders on undrinkable. After the rinse, though, the tea is perfectly passable for two infusions, then gets noticeably weaker with the third. Sencha can be more sensitive to age than other green teas (in my experience), and it's too bad that this one seems to be nearing its expiration. That said, for the price I paid, there's really nothing to complain about here, and I'll make sure to use this sencha as a daily drinker over the shortest term possible. I would like to add that whenever I pass through Sperryville I enjoy visiting Wild Roots, which is a very pleasant store with interesting stock. UPDATE: Soon after I posted the above review, Wild Roots contacted me, apologized, and offered to send me something else (which wasn't necessary). Any business that is so responsive (and so willing to extend themselves toward a solution) in this age of bot-driven commerce deserves the highest praise. Thank you, Wild Roots!

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