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Solomon's Seal Tincture

Suggested Use: 15-30 drops 1 to 2x as needed. Consult your wellness practioner before use.

Tinctures: A tincture is an alcohol extraction of an herb - the alcohol extracts the medicinal constituents of the herb, resulting in a concentrated medicinal liquid.

Medicinal Uses: Tinctures are the strongest method for deriving the therapeutic effects of herbs, and are typically used in a healing protocol versus for maintenance and prevention.

Since alcohol is used for extraction, tinctures are not used to treat children.

It is best to take tinctures between meals, apart from food. DO NOT take with coffee or black tea.


Culinary Uses: None.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Christine L Schrecker
Solomon's Seal of Approval

Purchased your Solomon's Seal for my hubby during small business weekend. he has been taking it for a couple of weeks and he does feel a difference in his mobility Thank You Wild Roots Apothecary we will be back for future purchases

Solomon’s Seal magic!

This tincture really helps my joints. Trying to skateboard and keep up with a 6-year old and sitting in front of a computer all the time can be hard on the joints! I really like this product. This is my fourth bottle purchased; bought some for my mother-in-law also.

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