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River Island Apothecary: The Tantrika Anointing Oil

from River Island Apothecary


divine love | divine creativity


Aroma: sweet and resinous with intoxicating notes of spice, night blooming flowers, and love making.

Use it for:
• attracting healthy and magical love
• fertility (cosmic or literal)
• enlivening Creativity.

Anoint: The Sacral Chakra (Svadhisthana/sweetness) or wherever feels right.


Components: organic Jojoba oil, essential oils, attars and absolutes


The Tantrika is also known as The Lover, Venus, Aphrodite, The Sacred Prostitute, The Holy Whore, The Scorpio/Libra, The Siren, The Magdalene, The Dakini, Fertility, and others.

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