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Breathe in Deep Botanical Bath Salt Soak

A blend of healing salts with diverse properties mixed with the calming relief of lavender, tulsi basil and rose absolute.

Both opening and calming to the soul and healing to the skin and being. 

Ingredients: Dead Sea Salt, Himalayan Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, Lavender and Rose buds, enhanced with an essential oil blend of Lavender (‎Lavandula angustifolia), Tulsi basil (Ocimum Sanctum), and Rose Absolute (Rosa Damascena).

Directions: Add 6-8 tablespoons to your bath or use as a scrub in the shower. Not for internal use.

Bath Salts: Also called a “Bath Tea,” bath salts are a mixture of high- quality salt, dried herbs, and possibly essential oils to create a mineral-rich, therapeutic bath. Medicinal Uses: Add two tablespoons of the bath salt to your warm bath water or foot soak to allow the therapeutic effects of magnesium-rich salt and medicinal herbs to be absorbed by the skin and promote detoxification in the body. Safe for use with children. Culinary Uses: None. Not for internal use.


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Randy Batista

Breathe in Deep Bath Salt Soak


Looking forward to colder weather, so I can soak in a hot tub more often with this great salt soak! Mental and physical deep relaxation in a bottle.

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