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Fall's Stay Healthy + Sane Webinar

I’m really excited to get the chance to share the basics of herbal remedies and share my recipes for having a happier and healthier season.

REGISTER for what time works for you!  Note that this will be recorded but it is best to be present with us if possible


So I’ve been digging deep into my herbal remedy chest and wanted to get this on your radar.  Our STAY HEALTHY AND SANE WEBINAR is back!


 This time I’m combining all the parts in one webinar -eek! 


Herbs for Stress + Sanity 

How to Build Immunity 

Herbal Recipes for Colds + Common Ailments


Bodies are resilient.  Bodies can be brought back into balance. Plants are one of the ways that we can connect deeper with the earth's healing paths, the empowerment of our own hands and minds and nature's remedies. 

The free live events are via Zoom and you can register for the one that works best for you! 

These will be recorded but I’d love it if you join us live and feel really connected. I put my energy all in on these and showing up and doing the work will give you the best results.  You must pre-register to join us.  

Sunday September 12th at 7 pm EST

Monday September 13th at 1 pm EST

Green Blessings to you and yours,


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