Our Why:

Birthed out of a need for creative exploration of herbalism, Wild Roots Apothecary is a heart centered venture with the soul of the plants at the base of our creativity. Our founder and herbalist, Colleen O’Bryant work is truly an expression of the harmony of the botanicals that she fuses together to create elixirs and wellness based apothecary items.

As the plants unfurl into a their glory,  we pluck, stir, infuse and blend custom-made products to bring green blessings to your home.  Our simple products, infused honey, wellness teas, botanical syrups truly create a magical experience with every bite and sip. 

Our goal is to lift up your kitchen with handmade goodness, that you want to share with friends, family, send as a gift or to be cherished in your home by using sustainable practices and local ingredients.  We love our farmers and partner with as many local and good companies as we can.  A few of our favorite farms:


Zack Woods Herb Farm

Stallard Road Farm

Gentle Harmony Farm

Healing Spirits Farm

Farmacy Herbs