A little more about Wild Roots Apothecary and Colleen

 Our Mission:

Birthed out of a need for creative exploration of herbalism, Wild Roots Apothecary is a heart centered venture in Sperryville Virginia.  Our founder and herbalist, Colleen O’Bryant work is truly an expression of the harmony of the botanicals that she fuses together to create traditional remedy-based herbal products, herbal pantry products and beautiful botanically based natural beauty products.  

Our goal is to lift up your kitchen, medicine cabinet and self care rituals with handmade goodness for yourself and your friends and family.

We want you to enjoy our products so much that you want to share with friends, family, send as a gift or to be used and enjoyed.  A little bit like spreading joy in across the land with our products.    We love our farmers and partner with as many local and good companies as we can for the base of our herbal teas and blend.  

Personalized Guidance for Holistic Healing

Colleen O’Bryant, Founder of Wild Roots Apothecary, has been studying and practicing herbalism since 2012. She connects people with the specific plants that can help them find physical, emotional, and spiritual balance. In her holistic wellness consultations, she works with you to formulate customized herbal protocols and recommends diet modifications for lifestyle improvement, as she believes in the safety and efficacy of botanical remedies and the body’s innate power to heal itself, given the right guidance.

"Getting well can take a lot of energy and effort. As an herbalist and wellness practitioner, I know firsthand that often the hardest step in your wellness journey is the first one. I encourage you reach deep into yourself and really feel the need and want for change, and the openness to try a natural path to wellness you may not have pursued before. I am here to educate, empower, provide options, and guide you to greater self-mastery on your path to better well-being."

-- Colleen

A Different Path to Wellness

If you've ever had an inkling that there might be a better way to maintain, prevent, or improve your health than what you have tried in the past, consider booking a FREE 30 minute Discovery Call with Colleen to learn more about the process of using herbs as a path to empowered health. During this complimentary call, Colleen will help you determine if a 90 minute in-depth consultation would be sufficient to relieve your symptoms, or if a three or six month program would be best to get to the root-cause of a more chronic issue. Wild Roots’ in-depth consultations are offered through an online video conferencing platform, so we can support the health of clients near and far!