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Seed to Soup: A Practical and Magical Herbal Apprenticeship

Our 2024 Seed to Soup Program is now closed. Please add your name to the list by registering your interested. We will open up our seed to soup 2025 in October.

Join us and come live your dreams of learning about herbs in a deeply connecting way.*

Payment plans are available, with a small fee to cover the cost of processing fees and management. 

Foundational Herbal Apprenticeship for Community Herbalist course lovingly called Seed to Soup! 

When: In person from the fourth Saturday of February till November, along with supplemental online modules per month and a private community group for questions and information.

Date changes: June 29th instead of June 22nd. 

Who: This hands-on apprenticeship will teach us how to grow, manage, and harvest plants for edible and medicinal plant spirit. 


Locally within5 miles of our apothecary in Sperryville, Virginia - at local farms and venues

The what and the how: 

During this ten-month program, you will learn how to garden and create a home apothecary and remedies to support you and yours. We'll gather one day per month in person and work through one online module per month.

We will combine to taste, touch, and experience herbs and plants from our best growing and propagating methods. We're tending the community garden, harvesting herbs, making medicinal remedies, and finding ways to effectively use the plants and their medicines.

The nature of this course is working hands-on together on our team project - in other words, you will get dirty!

Each time we are together, we will enjoy a meal that includes the Kitchen Witch remedies and experience herbal treatments that inspire and create herbal goodness for you and yours. 


Indoor starting of Herbal Seeds & Garden Design 

Online Class: Getting Started with Herbal Medicine 


Soil Prep, Tree Barks, Teas + Water Extractions 

Online Class: Herbal Actions & Energetics


Planting: Dividing & Harvesting, Cooking with Wild Foods 

Online Class: Herbs for Nutrition & Wild Foods


Tending the Garden, Flower Essences, Herbal Vinegars + Honey 

Online Class: Herbs for Digestive System


Harvesting + Processing: Drying herbs and making Tinctures 

Online Class: Herbs for Nervous System: Anxiety, Sleep & Brain Health


Online Only: Sustainable and Self-sufficient Herbalism Practices 

(we will have in-person opportunities to harvest and learn)


Medicine Making + First Aid Herbalism: Salves and Oils

Online Class: Herbs for Cardiovascular Health


Immunity + Fall Remedies: Seed Harvesting & Propagating Softwood Cuttings

Online Class: Herbs & Remedies for Immune System 


Harvesting Roots, Tree barks + putting the garden to bed

Online Class: Herbs for Respiratory System 


The creative culmination of our class crafting YOUR Apothecary and using herbs in everyday life. Each participant will be asked to make a dish inspired by an aromatic herb or wild food that brings you joy, along with a remedy for each person in the class. 

Course Dates:

This 10-month course will run the 4th Saturday of Apothecary fromapproximately 9 - 3ish pm. A healthy lunch with wild foods, herbs, and recipes will be provided. 

All course participants will be eligible for a 20% discount on tools, bulk herbs, seedlings, and books at the Apothecary and through other vendors.

Course books are Healing Garden by Juliet Blankenspoor and Body in Balance by Maria Noel Groves. Other books and resources will be recommended on an individual basis. 

A portion of our herbs and medicine making will be used for gifting and our free community clinic.  

Spaces are limited for this class. 

For payment plans or other considerations, email us through our contact form. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Bonnie Lofton

Seed to Soup: A Practical and Magical Herbal Apprenticeship

Delitza Medina
Life Changing Program - Seed to soup.

Seed to Soup

I joined the Seed to Soup apprenticeship, not knowing what to expect but knowing that I needed it. The knowledge and community that I gained through this apprenticeship was nothing short of life-changing. Colleen is a beautiful, gentle soul from whom everyone should learn. I am so grateful for her. I am confident in identifying plants and their medicinal and spiritual properties. But also the community!!!! Wow!!

Caitlin Graft

I signed up on an impulse - to do something for myself and learn something new (after a period of somewhat drowning as a new mom). I’ve never been so right about a gut based decision. Colleen is massively generous with her knowledge, time & support. The class was packed with info and practical application that I am actively now using daily.
Her energy and passion for the plant world, along with her care for all the humans lucky enough to be around her are what made this course truly special.
I walked away from this experience with a ton of new knowledge and resources that I’ll be revisiting for years - and more importantly a curiosity and ever growing hobby that feels so supportive for me and my family.

April Wold
Seed to Soup Apprenticeship

I participated in the 2023 apprenticeship. Prior to attending these classes, I felt comfortable with using essential oils for remedies but I didn't use actual plants. Now, I'm using tinctures that I've made from my garden and wild harvested. I've shared elderberry syrup that I made with my co-workers. I never would have imagined that I'd feel competent to do make my own medicine when I began classes in February. Colleen has created a wonderful program that has a great balance of resources and hands on learning. I've had an amazing experience and I didn't want classes to end! I'd highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to learn more about herbalism and wildharvesting.

Life changing!

This class was truly lifechanging for me. Colleen share her magic, love, and knowledge. While I went into the class with an understanding of how same plants support our body, I left feeling a connection with the earth in a way I have never experienced before. Thank you, Colleen and Wild Roots!!

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