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Immunity Bundle

This bundle was designed for staying well this season and getting healthy.  Perfect for those who need to create an immunity bundle around them, like healthcare workers, teachers and busy moms.  

Save them the time and hassle of going to the doctors' office with this traditional remedies herbal bundle.  


What's Included:

Immunity Starter Bundle $85

1- 250ml Black Elderberry Syrup

1- 4oz Ruby Fire Tonic

1- 4oz Astragalus Chai Tea

1- 1.25oz Sniffle and Snot Tea

1- Immunity Broth Kit

All Season Long Bundle $135

2- 250ml Black Elderberry Syrup

1 - 8.5 oz Ruby Fire Tonic

1 - 4oz Astragalus Chai Tea

1 - 8 oz Sniffle and Snot Tea

1- Immunity Broth Kit

Plus our very helpful guide to herbal immunity & wellness for all seasons. 

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