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Ginger Cinnamon Honey


Our favorite fall and winter combination!


Ginger and Cinnamon blended with Windsong Apiaries honey to make a perfect complement to our Fireside Snuggle Tea.


A perfect pick me up to any tea or wintertime treat. We love ours drizzled over oatmeal and pancakes.


Jar Size: 6oz/177 ml


Ingredients: Cinnamon Sticks, Dried Ginger, Local Raw Honey from Windsong Apiaries in Castleton, Virginia.


Directions For Use

Adds a little spice to cooking and teas. Our favorite drizzled on waffles or apples.




Electuaries: Also called an herbal honey, an electuary is a powdered herb mixed with raw honey to make a thick paste. Medicinal Uses: Raw, unpasteurized honey is antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic and is even more powerful when combined with medicinal tonic herbs. Depending on the herbs used, it can be used as part of a specific healing protocol or daily for maintenance and prevention. Do not give children below the age of 12 months old honey. Culinary Uses: Add herbal honey to sweeten tea, in lieu of sugar in baking, and as a spread on bread.

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Customer Reviews

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Dawn L.
Wild Roots Ginger Cinnamon Honey

This Ginger Cinnamon Honey is fantastic! I put it in tea, on toast, and have to restrain from eating it right off the spoon. I appreciate the love and care put into every product!


I gifted this to my sister. She loved it! She said it was perfectly warming/spicy and sweet.

Loves Tea
OMG so delicious!!!

I bought this honey for my tea, as I like to put honey in my tea and I liked that this one had a little ginger and cinnamon. Well, this infusion went way beyond my expectations! It is so delicious... in my tea... in my coffee... in my ice cream... on its own... if you like honey in your tea, get this one!

Margaret Kelly
Great on ice cream


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