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About Wild Roots


We are proud to be a women owned business supporting local and regional farmers, medicine and handicraft makers and herbalists through our products and plant magic. 

We are currently donating a portion of our profits to support the work of women owned BIPOC herbalists and other support network for reparations and unknown acts of hurt.  

Wild Roots Apothecary makes herbal products using organic, local and sustainably wild crafted herbs to uphold quality and be stewards of plant medicine.

We believe that the energy of plants the sacred connection to promote wellness and well-being. 

We are committed to deeper connections to plants promote wellness of the body, mind, and spirit  and encourage humans to be mindful and loving stewards of the Earth.  

Join us for our in person and online classes, our handcrafted products and herbs, our Patreon apprenticeship and our Community Supported Herbal Share. Stop by our Community Garden behind the shop to learn all about our medicinal herb friends.

We also encourage people to make it a day in Shenandoah with a hike in the National Park, a stop a local roadside eatery or have a drink at our local breweries, distillery and wineries.

And explore local artisans and stores in Sperryville...

Located down the lane next to Copper Fox Distillery we are happy to be your guide to our area.




Hello! I’m Colleen O’Bryant, Founder of Wild Roots Apothecary and I’m so glad you’re here.  

You see, it’s no coincidence that you’ve landed on this page today. It’s part of your journey and if you’re willing to lean in and get curious, I can assure you there’s something here for you.  

Whether you’ve landed here because your neighbor told you elderberry syrup is better than the flu shot or because you’ve been working on healing yourself for years and are ready to dip your toe in Western Herbalism, we’ve got you.  

Truth time: I used to be an insurance agent. (Spoiler alert: this did NOT light me up.) When I got pregnant with my son in 2008, things shifted. I started studying holistic nutrition and as they introduced more and more herbs, my curiosity peaked. I had always been a gardener and I loved that idea that I could grow my own medicine. I enrolled in a Western Herbalism course, began working with my mentor, and through a series of divinely time events, I opened up a brick and mortar and have been introducing and guiding people to and through the healing power of plants ever since.  

 I’ve seen people come off long term medications. 

I’ve supported people in healing diseases in their bodies. 

I’ve witnessed people end chronic pain, lose weight, and most importantly feel like themselves again. 

All with plants. 


You see, plants are magic. Using them to heal is an ancient art and if you’re willing to lean in, they will support you (and so will I.)  


Sign up for a free 15 minute consultation with Colleen by signing up here.  





"Working with Colleen has been very rewarding. I came to her struggling to manage the effects of menopause and the life changes it inspires. She has approached my needs from a heart-centered place that takes into account the full span of my life experiences and well being."

Kate A.


"Colleen gave me a fresh perspective on healing my body by using the right whole plants instead of jumping from fad to fad. I had been struggling with a stressful career and my chronic pain for years, and, while I knew I needed to make a change, I didn't know where to begin."

Emily H.


"Through Colleen I was reminded of the innate wisdom and support that our Earth offers us. She attentively listened to me, and carefully selected plants and herbs that would aid in my healing. She guided me throughout the process, and taught me lasting tips on how to incorporate the herbs in my everyday life. Colleen is a bright light; her authenticity, knowledge, and soul shines through"

Jennifer S.


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