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Wild + Rooted Collective: Winter Quarterly Box

Winter has returned!

… And we’re welcoming back the chill of Winter with warm tea, cocoa, and the light from within.

The Winter Solstice marks the shortest day of the year, and our slow tilt back towards the light and energy of Spring. Winter is a time to turn inward and rest within your cozy cocoon of comfort.  It is the season to tend to your inner fire, meditate and dream, plan for the new year, rest, and rebuild and rejuvenate your body and spirit.  Just as invisible buds are forming beneath the gray and still bark of the trees, Winter allows us the space and place for transformation within our own chrysalis of quiet and grounding moments.  

Our plants of the season and their spiritual traits align with our desire to dream and transform through the grounding and healing magic interwoven into the quiet and stillness of Winter. 

We’re excited to work with so many STRENGTH building plants this season and share them with you through our exclusive selection of hand-crafted and small-batch products. 

This listing is for our upcoming Winter Box only (no subscription), which ships in January. (If you're interested in pre-ordering all four seasonal boxes for 2024, please see our other listings).

In our Winter Box, you will receive six handcrafted and herbally-inspired products that will help you turn inward, transform, and rest during the quiet days of Winter, all safe and effective for everyday use. (Think: teas, tinctures, bath and body products, candles, skincare, and whatever else the plants can lend their magic to)

You’ll also receive our 2024Winter Art & Plant Magic Guide,which guides you to a deeper alignment with the plants, self, and the circle of nature's healing remedies. Our guide includes recipes, rituals, poetry, a reading list, a seasonal playlist, and other plant magic from herbalist Colleen O’Bryant, accompanied by Flora & Fauna art by local artist Lauren Rose. 

The Art & Plant Magic Seasonal Guide also includes a download via theGuide to Seasonal Astrology and Astroherbalism by Lauren Hershey (she/they), queer astrologer and founder of The Unconventional Plutonian (UP), conflict resolution practitioner, and purveyor of lore, myth, and storytelling magic for rewilding and transformation!

Our Winter Box makes a perfect seasonal or holiday gift that will support your loved one ALL winter long! If you’d like to gift this item, leave us at note at check-out and we’ll make sure the recipient receives a certificate for the Quarterly Box and a message from you!

If you're a local friend and would like to pick the box up at our shop, please indicate at checkout, and we'll be happy to keep it for you!

Winter Chrysalis Box  

(Shipping early January 2024)

In this season we'll be focusing on the protection element for the messy middle of evolution, like when the caterpillar creates a Chrysalis to protect as it transforms into something boundless and potent. 

Edges of the Sun Glyercite 

When the blossoms fade, our elemental self pulls in—holding and building, giving us the chance to see our deeper within. To learn, hone, and pull through the essence of self that we genuinely want to be. This tincture is a drop dose tincture to recommit to the life you want to live, hold boundaries, and offer plant protection through the moment and months of going deep and rebuilding. These plants are STRONG medicine offering that calming of the heart with Motherwort,  Leonurus cardiaca, as she builds you back more fully. Then, a strong ping of love and magic from Rose and Mugwort, both staunch believers in the inner being more than the outward appearances. For protection throughout your journey this month, we offer Achillea, aka Yarrow. Fully binding and beautiful, holding, protecting, and showing you light within the darkness. This is a non-alcoholic tincture. 

Siren of the Sea Mineral Bath Soak

Be the whole one of you. Here is the calling of peaceful magic. As we move into the quiet of Winter, envelope yourself under this moisturizing blanket of herbs and minerals. Feel the warmth of water, balancing and creating well-being. This soak is filled with the opening energy of locally harvested pine and eastern red cedar. Along with the mineral-rich seaweed, all blended with nourishing Epsom, Dead Sea & Himalayan Salts. It offers a place to contemplate. It is lightly scented with Grapefruit, Eucalyptus, and Juniper to evoke the light and lift of voices over the sea calling us to cocoon a bit longer.

Rose & Spiceberry Adaptogen Cocoa

Think Coconut, Vanilla, Cardamom, chai spices with just the right amount of Rose! 

When the beauty of the rose is no longer available to us, this cocoa is filled with the senses of healing beauty and warmth. The beautiful essence of Shatavari, the earthy root adaptogen, creates a being. You are softening the edges, lifting the spirit, and grounding while giving us moments of joy and connection to that feeling of freedom beyond what you could imagine. This cocoa is made with the highest vibes of chai spices, rose and chocolate, plus the love of Shatavari. 

Nymph of the Night Tea 

Deeply nourishing, filling in the gaps of the sun with a blend of earthy elements. All the seasons are represented here to create a tea blend that is light and lovely enough to enjoy daily or for those treasured moments watching the sunrise and setting. We tucked a little bit of the color of blue in here to imagine and dream a bit of what makes you magic as you plan your year. The lift and light of mimosa bark was harvested for its ability to share and release grief. It was then amplified with star anise and oat straw, keeping all the viruses at bay and working on staying relaxed and magically inspired. 

Magic of EYE Candle

This candle is made with the energy of transformation through the watching of a flame. Mesmerize yourself.  The heart core of this one is the belief that when we shine a light on the darkness, beauty is revealed in the eye of the beholder. This soy candle is lemony and lifting infused with last season's lemon verbena with a bit of deep forest magic from the pines and cedars surrounding us.  Use it as an altar candle for our Imbolc ritual in the plant guide. 

Luminosity  Dream Creme

Our biggest organ is our skin, which is profoundly supportive and protective and also one of the most responsive, energetic gateways to us. If we don’t take a moment to reground ourselves, we can be swept up. This creme is emollient and absorbing; then, we add the protective energy of the plants to heal, regroup, and hold. Elderflower is often called the torchlight of plants for the light and love it gives to recharge. The light of the stars when it sprinkles its magic along the trail. Mugwort and juniper berries are deeply penetrating, and this forest remedy brings their resiliency to our skin and minds as we grow, change, and strengthen. Plantain and calendula take the heat and friction out of our daily lives and allow us to heal and transform. 

Just note that not all of the products mentioned above will come to fruition as told. We find the alignment and allow the plants to speak and honor the gifts that they give. All Quarterly Seasonal Boxes come with a product guide with all the ingredients and full intentions of using.  If you need full ingredients before purchasing just message us and we will send those out. 

Green Blessings, 

Colleen & the Wild Roots Crew

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Customer Reviews

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Wild and Rooted Collective

As always, the winter collective box is full of fabulous items. The collective box items are always beautifully and thoughtfully curated and never disappoint!! I look forward to receiving each season's collection.

Bridget Chisholm
Boxes of Loveliness

So grateful for all you do at Wildroots Apothecary. Your products are full of great good care and loveliness.

Kay Sidahmed
Herbal Wisdom in a Box

I love, love, love the quarterly boxes and how they call me to re-connect with Nature and the cycles of the seasons. The Winter Box arrived at the perfect time - when all the holiday festivities had ended and it became quiet again. A lovely mix of herbal allies to connect with. The booklet is a favorite part of mine.

Winter therapy in a box!

The Wild + Rooted Winter Collection is everything warm and delightful to get through these last few chilly months. Every item is thoughtfully curated and feels as though they were chosen just for me! :-) I especially like the brochure with recipes, flower descriptions, poems, anecdotes and Lauren Rose's beautiful artwork throughout! Well done Wild Roots Crew!

Amanda Pincheira

I love everything about this box and have really been enjoying the tea and bath soaks. Thank you

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