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Wild + Rooted Collective: Spring Box (Ships April)


Remember the moment you felt connected to the plants?

One of my most magical moments as a little girl was sitting in a fresh patch of clover in the Spring, finding four- and five-leaf clovers to press into my Little House on the Prairie book. The sun-soaked me in light, and the ground held me as I connected to these miniature wonders. In my sweet head, I thought I had a magical gift because I could find them way more than anyone in my family.

Our Spring 2024 collection brings that same energy: a little whimsy, a bit of magic, and just a hint of luck as we wait for the season's plants to reveal they're ready.

In our Spring Box, you’ll receive seven beautiful handmade and small-batch herbal products created specifically for our Wild and Rooted Collective! 

You'll also receive our 2024Spring Art & Plant Magic Guide,which guides you to a deeper alignment with the plants, self, and the circle of nature's healing remedies. Our guide includes Spring Plant IDs, Colleen's Recipes for using Seasonal Herbs and Centering Rituals, a seasonal selection of Poetry, a Book List, and our Spring Playlist, all wrapped in beautiful Flora and Fauna art by local artist Lauren Rose. 

The Art & Plant Magic Seasonal Guide also includes theGuide to Seasonal Astrology and Astroherbalism by Lauren Hershey (she/they), queer astrologer and founder of The Unconventional Plutonian (UP), conflict resolution practitioner, and purveyor of lore, myth, and storytelling magic for rewilding and transformation!


Our Wild and Botanical Spring 2024 Products include:

Emerald Goddess Oil

Emerald Goddess Oil is handcrafted with beautiful, emollient, healing spring plants. This infused oil is made to be used and enjoyed skin transitions daily. Our hope is that you use this for grounding and healing. Massage lightly into wherever it needs more love and magic.

This blend features the moisturizing healing of Violets, comfrey, chickweed, mallow, and plantain, lightly scented by an aromatic awakening with the lushness of Spring.

Dandy Day Herbal Wellness Tea

This is a tea blend made for Spring that gives us energy, promotes well-being, and supports our bodies' natural detoxification process to nourish and build. Our body wants nutrients in the Spring, so we added Dandelion, Calendula, Marshmallow Roots, Cleavers, and Nettles so your body can access the vitality in the plants. Then, we added lots of our Spearmint for pep in every step.

Peach Blossom & Dandelion Root Bitters

Made with many active ingredients, this bitter blend is sweet and spicy with lots of Liver resetting oomph. Bitters, in general, are used in herbalism to help support the Liver's ability to produce HCL and enzymes to create better absorption and nutrient digestion. Taking bitters can be a NEW experience for some. Use these daily about twenty minutes before your meal, or use this as a Cocktail or Mocktail bitter to enjoy.

Rhubarb + Rose Botanical Syrup

Our delightful mix creates a luscious combination of the sweet and tart new energy of Spring. This is the perfect syrup to use where you want that sweet and fresh feeling of Spring.

Emergence our Spring Equinox Candle

Beauty amongst the chaos of growth, Spring is a magical time to take in the essence of emergence. The candle we've created does just that. The scent is mossy, pulling in the decay of the land, sweet with the scent of honey being collected by the bees, and ethereal with the light notes of magic to hold. Balance is key. 

Vetiver and Violet Faerie Face Spray 

Cooling and moisturizing, this spray is a beautiful way to tone and hydrate our skin that wants to feel the sun's warmth. Filled with love and magic, this Fae spray allows our spring faeries to play hooky from work and bask in pockets of dappled Sunshine while dipping their toes in the River. 

Pack this one with you. You'll want to use it all the time. You need that playful energy and magic to come through this Spring. 

Miracle Facial Grains & Mask

Our skin needs love. In springtime, it requires that feeling of moisture and deep cleaning; this takes the earliest weeds like chickweed, comfrey, violets, and dandelion flowers and combines them with colloidal oats, lavender, and green clay to build the collagen in our face while also cleaning and clearing any stagnation from Winter. It comes as a powder with a bit of water for a gentle scrub or honey for a gentle, soothing mask. 

*Please note that not all of the products mentioned above will come to fruition as told. We find the alignment, allow the plants to speak, and honor the gifts that they give. If you need a complete list of ingredients, message us. 

If you're a local friend and prefer to pick up your order at our shop, please indicate at checkout, and we'll be happy to hold it for you until you can come visit us! 

Green Blessings, 
Colleen & the Wild Roots Crew

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All of the magic I need! Every single item was beautifully packaged and soooo soothing. I was shocked at home many products came in this package! I am using the massage oil every day. The alchemy dust is delicious in my smoothies and gives me a burst of energy! The exfoliater scrub leaves my feet and legs soooo soft. And the bitters are OUT OF THIS WORLD. I can’t forget the beautiful plant magic guide, that gives me recipes and wisdom for the season. Amazing!!! Will definitely buy again!!

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