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Wild + Rooted Collective: Single Box

Remember the moment you felt connected to the plants?

My moment was sitting high up in a tree as a young girl with a book, the Tree that Grows in Brooklyn and munching on “italian” plums letting the juice drip down on my jean shorts and fully making a mess of myself. But BEING fully instead of DOING. 

That is exactly what's happening in this this new, upgraded seasonal box: it allows you a deeper connection to the plants, self and the circle of nature's healing remedies. 

Our Quarterly Boxes are a little bit whimsy at the edges. We wait until the plants reveal themselves to be ready for us. 

In each box you will receive five to six handcrafted Herbal Remedies & Body Care, all safe and effective for everyday use. (Think: teas, tinctures, bath and body products, skin care, and whatever else the plants can lend their magic to.)

But beyond just these special products, these boxes will help you make connections between the plants and yourself, as they'll also include our Quarterly Art & Plant Magic Guide, with recipes by Colleen and art by local artist Lauren Rose, and access to a private online community group just for our Wild + Rooted Collective.

This listing is for our upcoming box only (no subscription), which ships in January. (If you're interested in pre-ordering all four boxes, please see our other listings).

Boxes are available to be shipped at no additional cost, or if you're a local friend and prefer to pick up at our shop, please indicate at checkout and we'll be happy to keep it for you!

Uplift Winter Light Box  

(Shipping January 2023)

This season's collection will include six seasonal herbally inspired potions with the willingness to uplift and grow our magic, offering peaceful moments on the daily.  

Drops of Sunshine Tincture 

Shine the light from the inside out. This blend is made for nervous system support, light and lovely Lemon Balm, Calendula Tulsi Basil and Roses all whipped together for our highest good. Lifting and pulling our energy towards our inner light while we work through our best outerself. 

Willo-in the-Wisp Body + Hand Cream

Ethereal Lights. Deeply nourishing and healing we pull the summer energy of Calendula and strengthen our resilience and body with green comfrey, horsetail, plantain and yarrow. With an added boost of Pine & Cedar bring a beautiful connection to the woods that surround us and give us the quiet clarity so we can hear and be. 

Siren of the Sea Mineral Bath Soak

Be the whole one of you. Here is the calling of peaceful magic. As we move into the quiet of Winter, envelope yourself under this moisturizing blanket of herbs and minerals. Feel the warmth of water, balancing and creating well being. This soak is filled with the opening energy of locally harvested, pine and eastern red cedar. Along with the mineral rich seaweed and nettles all blended together with Epsom, Dead Sea & Himalayan Salts. Lightly scented with Grapefruit, Eucalyptus and Juniper to evoke the light and lift of voices over the sea calling us home. 

Vanilla & Spiceberry Cocoa

Coconut Milk Powder, Turmeric, Vanilla Powder, Spiceberry, Cardamom, Allspice, Cinnamon & Hibiscus.

Cozy and tucked in. Warm pink cuppa beautifully connecting the dots between our internal bodies being at peace and our minds. When the Lindera blossoms as an ethereal moment standing in the forest with yellow fairy flowers everywhere you feel that sunshine energy radiating throughout. This plant keeps giving throughout the season offering a sense adventure but just in a cup of this cocoa. Harvested sustainably and filled with the utmost love and magic. 

Winter Magic Nervous System Tonic 

Apples, Habanero, Chamomile, Tulsi, Lemon Peel, Nettles, Lemongrass, Lemon Verbena, Rosemary, Astragalus

This herbal tonic sings the songs of Winter. Bringing the outdoors in, opening and healing through uplifting and light bringing herbs. This blend creates a herbal remedy of both the summer sunshine and the winter element of nourishment. Enjoy this daily as a lifting remedy or as a kitchen witching offering through every drizzle or sip. This one is filled with nervines like chamomile, tulsi, lemongrass and the adaptogenic blessing of astragalus for mind brightening and deep immune building. 

Nymph of the Night Tea 

Blue Butterfly Pea Flowers, Lemon Balm, Roses, Star Anise, Hawthorn Berries, Mimosa Bark

Deeply nourishing filling in the gaps of the sun with a blend of earthy elements. All the seasons are represented here to create a tea blend that is light and lovely enough to enjoy daily or for those treasured moments watching the sunrise and setting. We tucked a little bit of the color of blue in here to imagine and dream a bit of what makes you magic as you plan your year. The mimosa bark was harvested for its ability to share and release grief, then amplified with star anise, oatstraw, keeping all the viruses at bay and working on staying relaxed and magically inspired. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
Chris Kyser

Every month I look forward to my Wild Roots box of self-care goodies. Always fun and creative items in each box related to the season.

Amy Sullivan Potter
Magic as Always!

Everyone should be so lucky to receive this box of pure MAGIC!!!! One of the highlights of the June box is the herbal spoon salt (but I hate to single anything out because it’s all so wonderful!!), I put it on everything! But the bowl of popcorn I made with it was sooo yummy!!

Ty Ty Ty!!
Amy Potter
From the Earth Creative

Salam Sunna

Love all your products ! Taking them as gifts for my family who live abroad. Thank you !

CSH is the best!

It’s what I look forward to every month. It makes me prioritize my self-care and live in each season! I’m so thankful for what Colleen and her team do!

The most generous spring offering

I'm so glad I stumbled upon Wild Roots Apothecary and the March share. It is such a thoughtful collection of creations for gently welcoming in the unpredictability and beauty of spring and new growth, the stirrings within the body and mind to move and release. I live in the Midwest, where winter lasts forever and spring is elusive and feels like it's never coming. This collection helped remind me that renewal always comes around. The tea is especially delicious - I've been drinking a cup every day and would love for this blend to be in regular rotation.

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