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Wild + Rooted Collective: Monthly Payment Subscription Share

Now open for March 2021.

Enjoy the season with community herbal support.

This is the MONTHLY OPTION for automatic renewal each month.

Find the 3-month option over here (it's a little cheaper because of processing fees that we have to build in).

Our theme for this Spring is Refresh + Renew! 

It's all about renewal and refreshing the body through the power of green plants! As we emerge from our slumber our world opens up to the new possibilities. With March we are just starting to see our friends wake up and grow. By April, our wet and cold turns into warm and wonderful, feels of sunshine on the face, small inches towards liveliness. By May, it will be all the flowers for bringing our intuition and plant world to life.

In March we'll have an offering of seeds for planting. In April we'll offer more herbs we would plant (think free guide), and May will be us harvesting and growing as we move towards full summer.

Each month you will receive a shelf-stable hand-crafted share, filling your pantry, medicine cabinet, and bathroom with Colleen's signature way of exploring the complexities of the plant's bounty presented in an accessible way. 

Other offerings for our share members: 

  • Live zoom webinars
  • Recipes and gifts
  • Special invites to harvest and process herbs
  • Join us for free on our Wild Wanderings Plant ID walks
  • Seeds + Plant cuttings
  • A special community member discount in-shop and online

How It Works:

Each month from December till February, members receive a monthly package of herbs prepared as tinctures, infused oils, loose teas, salves, honey, vinegar, syrups, and information about how to use them.

Example of our January Share, themed Bright + Uplifting:

  • Turmeric Fire Tonic
  • Bright Sunshiny Day Tea
  • Rise Up Bliss Spray
  • Citrus Burst Dream Creme
  • Coconut Cocoa Golden Milk

This box is an herbal treasure trove of what I love to create and make - these products will make you feel connected to plant medicine with me as your guide.

This was always a dream of mine to connect the dots of plants and people.

This "community share" allows us to pay our bills no matter what and bring much-needed security for small herbalists and small businesses like mine.

FYI: The first share will ship out the second week of March.

Thank you for your support! Green Blessings,


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