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Wild + Rooted Collective: March Share Only

Magic of March - Wild Roots Collective Share 

Focus on Rejuvenation 

Dandelion, Spiceberry leaf, Fennel, Rosemary, Cleavers, Wild Greens, Violets, Schizandra berry. 

Let's give our liver some love this month. 

I don’t know about you but it feels like the last three months have led into sluggish digestion, a few extra pounds, brain fog and just a general feeling of lethargy over all.  It’s a little like okay 2022 what's next.  We know that when our bodies are reacting to the stress and uncertainty, plus hello health concerns it all adds up.  And this too piles on. 

Lets just give ourselves a little space to breath and be. But while we’re at it, let's bring our livers some loving through the GREEN energy of the plants. 

In this months share, I’ve put together a synergistic plants combo that will help you better digest and eliminate the stagnant toxins from your body, and allow your body to glow a little brighter with all the green energy. 

This months share includes: 

Dandelion Digestive Herbal Chai Tea

We love a good chai around here for so many reasons. But this one with it’s warming aromatics and digestive blend of dandelion root and burdock root gentle support elimination and build liver function for a healthier all around better bowel function. 

Happy Liver Bitters 

Dandelion, Orange + Schizandra Berry

When we want to increase our ability to digest we must look to bitters as an additive. The bodies ability to create bile, 20-30 drops of bitters about 10 -20 minutes before eating will bring about a chemical reaction in your body to produce more saliva, stimulate the production of bile and increase your stomach’s acid to help with assimilation. Which over all will make you feel better. 

Wild Greens, Fennel + Rosemary Oxymel 

Think of vitality with this daily tonic. We’re pulling all the chickweed, nettles and dandelion from our gardens and bringing beautiful renewing energy. Plus a boost of antioxidants love from the rosemary with the digestive flavor and soothing love of fennel. Use as a digestif before dinner but also packed with that oomph of green so adding it to your cooking or salad dressings with a little olive oil and spring greens. 

Liver Loving Gomasio Spice Blend 

This blend of spices not only tastes great but also adds that herbal magic to your food. Filled with the essential minerals coming from Atlantic Seaweeds blend, spiceberry leaf, ground milk thistle, sesame seeds, nettles, dandelion leaf and other wild greens. Simple sprinkle on you food daily for extra vitamins and minerals. Love it sprinkled on my avocado toast or eggs. 

Rejuv You Dream Creme 

This lovely lady is filled with the potent skin clearing herbs to encourage lymph circulation as an lovely addition to your self care routine. Moisturizing and hydrating allowing you the moments to breathe it in and feel the brightening. Lightly scented with lemon and lavender. 

This month also includes our Spring Reset + Rejuvenation Guide!

Filled with a guide to getting your groove back on and the gunk out.  Simple practices, recipes for day to day wellness and how to use the share most effectively to incorporate during this reset season. 

If you'd like monthly support or would like to join our Wild + Rooted Collective please join us right over here for and extra 15% off your share and 10% off all Wild Roots products and other bonus goodies. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
The most generous spring offering

I'm so glad I stumbled upon Wild Roots Apothecary and the March share. It is such a thoughtful collection of creations for gently welcoming in the unpredictability and beauty of spring and new growth, the stirrings within the body and mind to move and release. I live in the Midwest, where winter lasts forever and spring is elusive and feels like it's never coming. This collection helped remind me that renewal always comes around. The tea is especially delicious - I've been drinking a cup every day and would love for this blend to be in regular rotation.

Liza Berdnik
March share

Tremendous! Just what I needed for March. Many thanks.

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