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The Berry Last Straw Jam

Seascape strawberry jam with key lime made by Jamnation Jams.


Succulent strawberries + tangy key limes — a perfect balance of sweet + sour sure to tantalize your taste buds.

The familiar summer flavor of fresh, ripe berries is brightened by the pairing with limes.

Our seascape strawberries come from a sustainable farm near Watsonville, CA. Certified organic, these berries are the perfect varietal with a sweet/tart balance we love.

Our jam is bursting with chunks of strawberries for a fresh taste and rich texture. We tested five different kinds of limes and happily chose key limes because for their superlative flavor.


Our key limes come from Mexico.

These limes are smaller and tarter than their Persian counterparts; they are also highly fragrant with a thinner skin that gives our jam an extra citrus burst.


Weight: 5 oz.


Ingredients: organic seascape strawberries, organic unrefined cane sugar, key lime juice, organic lemon juice, key lime zest.

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