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Foxtrot Tisane

Like the dance that inspired its name, our Foxtrot tea is an overnight success that will leave you giddy with joy.

It is an herbal cocktail of Egyptian chamomile, South African Rooibos and fresh peppermint leaves.

A soothing blend of familiar tastes that produces a pleasantly original combination. It is entirely caffeine-free.

The spring in your step is due entirely to its enticing taste.  This tea contains no caffeine

Ingredients: chamomile flowers, rooibos tea, peppermint leaves & natural vanilla flavor

Weight: 3 oz. and brews approximately 30 cups of tea

In a teapot or tea infuser add 2 tablespoons of mix. pour 6 oz. of boiling water over the mix and let steep for 5-15 minutes.

This tea is also one you can refresh with a little more tea and a rebrew.



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