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Sublemonal Message Jam

Meyer lemon marmalade with ginger by Jamnation Jams.


Meyer lemons — a California obsession — meet fresh ginger root for a mouthwatering marmalade that packs a bit of a punch!

A cross between a true lemon and a common orange, Meyer lemons are prized for their golden, fragrant skin and sweet juice, laced with floral notes.

Our marmalade isn’t overly sweet – we let the tartness of the lemon shine. It’s packed with peel, giving it a toothsome texture and deep lemony flavor.

Our Meyer lemons come from an organic, biodynamic farm near the Moreno Valley devoted to less mainstream crops and sustainable land usage.


Our fresh organic ginger comes from a co-operative of 170 family farms raising organic produce in Peru.

It provides a subtle heat and complex depth—a surprise element to our Sublemonal Message.


Weight: 5 oz.


Ingredients: organic unrefined cane sugar, organic Meyer lemons, organic ginger, strawberries, organic unrefined cane sugar, key lime juice, organic lemon juice, key lime zest

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