Dec 2: Align with Your Inner Wisdom - Archetypal Workshop with Katie Vie

Let's get some magic in the apothecary with a spiritual journey that aligns you with your Inner Wisdom. 

Join us for an afternoon and evening of the perfect blend of mysticism and magic with Katie Vie of River Island Apothecary, our guide for finding a deeper way to connect with your soul and unveil your innermost self using scent and symbolism.

As the quiet leading up to Winter Solstice settles in, you’re invited for a deep dive with The Wisdom Keeper archetype. Using scent, symbolism, and ritual, you will discover the Wisdom that is yours. Listen for your personal language of divination. Learn to embody divine confidence. Allow “sensory wisdom” to show you your personal “work”, or focus, during the Winter Solstice season. Consecrate what you discover with heartfelt ritual at the end of the workshop.

Basic Flow of the Day

  • Opening ritual
  • Kindling your personal language of Divination
  • Unlocking your mystical connection
  • Meeting The Wisdom Keeper archetype

After Supper

  • Archetype mapping
  • Journey with The Wisdom Keeper
  • Culmination ritual


Sunday, December 2nd, 2018
Wild Roots Apothecary
4 River Lane Sperryville, VA 22740
2 pm – 8 pm

$165 early bird pricing - before November 1st

$195 spirit offering - after November 1st

Payment plans available contact Colleen for details.

More about Katie: 

Katie Vie is the founder and visionary of river island apothecary, a collection of botanical Archetype Anointing Oils accompanied by a signature training program called The Mystical Year.

Katie is an anointress, a sensualist, a ritualist, a writer, and botanical scent designer.  She uses scent and symbolism to align people with their path and purpose.

river island apothecary is the culmination of her life's studies.

Katie sources her childhood as a Girl Scout, a B.A. in literature, 21 years as a massage therapist, training in Aromatherapy and botanical perfume, and years spent in a Mystery School as inspiration for the Archetype Anointing Oils.

Currently based in her hometown of Asheville, NC, Katie leads potent rituals and classes from her woodland apothecary.

www.riverislandapothecary.com for more information. She’s social: follow her on Instagram @riverislandapothecary or on Facebook at River Island Apothecary.

Class is limited to 15 participants: this class will be fully immersive with opportunities to study more and dive deeper. 

A lovingly handcrafted evening supper will be provided by Colleen.