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Seven Week Herbal Immersion with Colleen O'Bryant

Have you ever wanted to try traditional herbal medicine but weren’t 100% sure where to start?
Or maybe you did start and now you know the power of it and want more.
Using herbs and food as a natural way to enhance and heal your body from the inside out. But knowing which herbs to use when? That can be tricky.
In this class, you will learn how to use herbs to support and revitalize you and your friends and family during one of the cold and flu seasons.
Picture yourself again in the waiting room of the doctor's office for your son’s third ear infection of the season.
Or maybe it’s you, feeling sick and still pushing yourself to work a full day and coming come and collapsing in exhaustion.
We won’t be just talking about using x herb for y ailment (one because it just doesn’t work) but using key observation tools to find the right herb to support wellness and healing.
Learn the difference between a Cold & Damp respiratory infection versus a Hot & Dry and which herbs to use and why.
Developing your analytical skills to use the right herbs at the right time. Creating a solid foundation for the body back into balance using herbs is possible.
We will go deeply into the energetics of herbs and foods as a platform for creating sustainable wellness.
Empowering yourself (and your loved ones)to heal with spices & herbs right in your kitchen is a beautiful way to step into herbal medicine. This class is ideal for the dabbler who wants to grow in knowledge and use it with practical knowledge right now.
Whether it’s another sore throat, a raging headache, a sinus infection or cold, learning the practical use of herbs as medicine is a win-win.
Imagine not having to be on antibiotics this season.
The deepest connection you can make is to create a connection to the possibility of healing your own body. And a lot of the times using simple remedies are the most effective methods with guidance and reassurance along the way.
In this online intensive we will be digging deep into how and when to use herbs to support you and your household with both traditional herbal remedies and we will deal with what you need.
This class includes seven weeks of Online Modules and Group support with Colleen in a private group.
So you’ll have the herbalist in your pocket at any time.
By the end of this intensive, you will have the depth of knowledge to build your arsenal against all the germs while building immunity and your apothecary.
Class includes seven online classes, recipes booklet, a PDF workbook for you to refer back to over and over again.