Petite Craft Cocktail Box- pick one Whisky/Bourbon or Gin/Vodka



Our petite cocktail box has our best syrup sellers and bitters come together to make festivities with family and friends even sweeter.  This kit offers the ability to have a signature drink for any celebration.  Our Gin/Vodka Box has all the fixins to make a perfect Elderberry Lavender Vesper or Martini.  Our Whisky/Bourbon Box adds a twist to the classic Old Fashioned with our Nettle Orange Syrup and Aromatic Bitters.  Or play with flavors and come up with your own perfect cocktail. 

Petite Craft Cocktail Box includes 1 of our small syrups, 1- 2 ounce seasonal bitters, fresh citrus, muddling herbs, two fevertree tonics and a summer recipe guide.  

Gin/Vodka includes:

9 ounce Elderberry Lavender Syrup Lavender Bitters or Bohemian Bitters 2 Fevertree tonic waters, lemon & muddling herbs. 

The Whisky/Bourbon Box:

9 ounce Nettle Orange Botanical Syrup and Orange or Aromatic Bitters, 2 Fevertree tonic waters, lemon & muddling herbs. 

NOTE: If you are ordering more than one box you will need to transact per order. Thank you.