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June Solstice Share: Wild + Rooted Collective Community Supported Shares

This year's June  month's share is filled with a scent that evokes the returning of Summer. This month my focus was my own, working on taking care of myself amidst challenges of health both emotionally and physically.  Realizing that this life that we are living is a sense of co-creation and resilience. Be with it, the flowers, the herbs and the barefoot wonder of being outside as the sun and enjoying all of it. Self care to the nth! You can’t take care of others if you don’t take care of yourself with all this herbal goodness ;)

In this Months share: 

Lilac and Rose Oxymel - 2 ounces

This vinegar and honey combo is a little sour and sweet but all flavor. The flowers were harvested in the early morning as they curled towards the sun the full essence of the roses and lilac aromas. Roses are heart opening, allowing for feelings to rise and to feel the comfort of the rose energy amongst all the chaos. Lilacs are for encouraging the sentimental memories of our youth, running and playing in spring rains. Sucking the nectar from the back of lilacs. The essence of the child-like you. I couldn’t help but giggle when I tasted it.

Mint Magic Tea - 1 fluffy ounces

This months tea is an eye opener - the difference between chocolate mint and peppermint menthol content is astonishing, creating that sense of I’m awake! We harvested fresh chocolate mint from the Farm at Sunnyside to create the most minty loving tea to date. A little bit of flower magic with Elderflower, Lemongrass, Tulsi and Anise Hyssop to add a playful balance in the background. Opening all of our pores to cool and release all that pent up frustration and heat that comes with summer this is truly a glass of refreshment. I remember when my son was a sticky toddler sweating and sleeping in my arms at the beach. Sticky and chubby. I wish I had this then in my thermos with some ice. Brew as a sun tea or as a regular tea. Or if you really want to go rogue, freeze any leftover or brewed tea in an ice cube and put it in any ice tea or lemonade or sparkling water for a little refresh.

Savory Spoonsalt - 3 ounces

Spoonsalts are our way of giving you the nourishment you want and need with an every day blend of antioxidant and vitamin filled herbs.. DELICIOUS on cucumbers (and probably tomatoes) with a little rice wine vinegar and cracked black pepper. The flavors of an herb garden, thyme, sage, tarragon, rosemary and oregano magically transported to your kitchen shelf. Then nettles to support the body's natural need for more energy and vitality as we sweat and enjoy the summer time. Just a note! If you're in love with this - we have lots of extra bags and are happy to tuck them in next share. 

Rx Repair Salve - 1.5 ounces

A tin of this in every place. I have it in my swim bag, camping pack, car console and first aid kit.

Our blend of healing herbs like comfrey, plantain,calendula, yarrow all known for their skin healing properties. It’s an everything salve and a wonderful barrier creator between any bruise, burn(after the initial phase), scratch of bug bite. Summer is here. I love it for my garden ripped cuticles. Plus the essential oils of lavender for even more healing power. 

Botanica Whipped Sugar Body Scrub - 6 ounces

It's Summer and our feet can use some love and this whipped sugar body scrub is no joke. 

With the Coconut + Avocado infused oil of Douglas Fir and Calendula to hydrate and heal, support circulation, and have pain relieving properties. Then add in the beautiful light citrus scents of lemon and lime, with a hint of vanilla. Can be used for any or all of the crusties that come with a barefoot summer to make your feet feel gorgeous. 

Enjoy the magic of summer with our package of handmade goodness.

Reach out for additional information or to join our Monthly Community Share find that over here with 15% off discount. 

Shares are available from June 15th til July 15th or until we sell out. 

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