Herbal Pain Relief - Workshop with Teresa Boardwine, RH

May 23 (6-8pm)

Feeling aches and pains?  Do your joints keep you from being as mobile as you woulds like? Join Teresa Boardwine, RH (AHG), as we learn to use plant remedies to reduce the inflammation and reduce pain.  Herbs for external application will be shared as well as some wonderful easy answers for dealing with pain receptors using natural remedies.

This class is for the mother, homesteader, neighbors who just want to know what to do or take when they feel compromised.  Health is somewhere in the balance of feeling wonderful and being sick. Before you need medical intervention, what can you do or use to boost your own health and vitality?

Come share an evening with herbalists at the sweet Wild Roots Apothecary, Colleen O’Bryant and Teresa Boardwine as we share our years and expertise.

Teresa Boardwine is a registered herbalist through the American Herbalists Guild and founder of Green Comfort School of Herbal Medicine.