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Feast & Forage: A Wild Foods Cooking Experience—Wild Roots Apothecary: May 18, Sep 21, Oct 19, 2024

Join us for an immersive experience to use local and foraged wild foods creatively!

We will take the day to forage and glean locally, then learn how to make wonderfully wild foods through fermentation, pickling, cooking, preserving, and creatively adding the weedy wonders under your feet to add healthy vitality to your daily life. 

We will enjoy the abundance of edible plants in the Blue Ridge with Herbalist, Cook, and Forager Colleen O'Bryant.

We'll be in the forest, rivers, and mountains near Sperryville to identify local wild edible plants. You'll learn sustainable and ethical harvesting through practical techniques, preservation, and cooking. 

We will walk along fields, rivers, and streams to gather and then head back to the outdoor kitchen along the river for a collective and hands-on cooking experience. We will have at least one foraged concoction(ferments, spoon salt, vinegar, and more)  that you intuitively put together, plus a recipe guide for you to use at a later date. 

Our foraging areas are mainly on the indigenous land of the Manahoac and Shawnee tribes. We will donate 10% of the ticket to support indigenous healers and the BIPOC community through our gardens and herbs. 

Join one or all of our seasonal adventures. Classes hosted April-June and September -October 2024. 

Spring & Early Summer Workshops  

Explore plants like Dandelions, Cattails, Sassafras, Violets, Nettles, Clovers, Wild Onions, Garlic Mustard, fantastic fungi, Mimosa Tree, Wild Flowers, Berries, Elderflowers, Milkweed, Day Lilies, Mugwort, Purslane, and Quickweed and more.

Late Summer & Autumn Workshops

Explore plants like Sumac, Juniper Berries, Spicebush, Dandelion Roots, Chestnuts, Burdock, Paw Paws, Black Walnuts, Primroses, Field Garlic, Wild mustards, Persimmons, Autumn olives, Acorns and more.

For the forage, we will explore around the apothecary and then make our bounty delicious with easy preps and brews, infusions, and playful recipes that you can take home with you. 

Each workshop is limited to 12 participants. Please leave a note on your order oremail us as soon as possiblewith any questions, concerns or dietary information you'd like to share with us

Your Guide and Teacher,

Colleen O'Bryant is a practicing herbalist, creative forager + cook, teacher, and owner of Wild Roots Apothecary in Sperryville. Her goal is to help people deepen their connection to the plant world by experiencing the plants in their natural surroundings and opening the door to both traditional and transcending herbal experiences. When she's not working, she enjoys jumping into all the rivers and ponds around, hunting for mushrooms, exploring astrology and intuitive magic, fly fishing, and traveling to other places that have excellent plants and more magic. 

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Feast and Forage Classes

My husband and I have attended two of Colleen's "Feast and Forage" classes and have been supremely pleased with both. Colleen's tour around the property to discuss edible plants, uses, and means of preparation is very insightful and really opened our eyes to the very same things that are growing on our property, but we never recognized as such. The lunch that is given at the end of the class is fantastic! The foods have many of the same ingredients seen on the tour and are exceptionally tasty. My husband, who is a great cook, came away with a lot of excitement to try to recreate those recipes at home. On top of all this, Colleen, her helpers, and everyone who attends the class just seem to have such a positive and friendly attitude that you can't help but enjoy yourself. We'll be doing this again for sure!!!

Old Ways for Modern Days

Wild Roots Apothecary is a step back in time: dried herbs and flowers hanging in bunches from the ceiling, shelves stacked with beautifully crafted teas, salves, tinctures and other herbal remedies to support the realities of our busy modern world. Colleen is a wisdom keeper of the old ways, but also has the pulse on current herbalism trends. Her ‘Weed Walks’ are a fantastic way to dive into some local plant medicine (it’s even more magical in the rain!). The apothecary is also overflowing with beautiful books, journals, hand-made crafts with a dash of the mystical!!! A true gem.

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