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Cosmic Allies Altar Art Deck & Book

by Nicole Piar

A Deck to connect you with your new cosmic friends

The Cosmic Allies are the embodiments of the 7 planetary energies in astrology ~ Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn. You can see them as archetypes that exist within us all and you can see them as our helpers – our allies.

Each one is a lens through which to perceive reality. Each one is a world unto itself.

When we peer through that unique prism and honor its power, we are changed and so is the world we inhabit. We are offered a fresh perspective. Our eyes open. Healing unfolds.

▶ Create sacred space in your home with these powerful talismans

▶ Work with the Cosmic Allies for intuitive guidance, co-creation and manifestation

▶ Cultivate a playful and fun daily experience of ritual and magic


  • Bring more magic, poetry, and meaning into your everyday
  • Bring healing and compassion to your struggles with love, health, money, body image, time, and creativity.
  • Reclaim exiled parts of yourself & embrace your whole self
  • Access the full spectrum of your own innate power
  • Become more mindful and awake to the present moment
  • Become more receptive to intuitive messages and guidance
  • Understand yourself more deeply

Steeped in magic and ritual

Over the last three years, I worked intimately with each planetary energy and experienced a profound expansion and healing through this magical journey.

Each card was born of this merging of art-making and ritual magic. Each card is a co-creation between my imagination and the planetary energy. When I would paint a Cosmic Ally, I would channel its specific energy imprint into the image creating a powerful talisman.

Each card can magnify and call in that energy into your life. Each card is a magical embodiment created through ritual. Each card is a portal for you to enter the domain of that Cosmic Ally.

For the Beginner:

The Cosmic Allies are a friendly and easy way to begin your journey exploring the seven planetary archetypes. I provide a plethora of ways to work with the Cosmic Allies, many of which are playful, magical, and accessible to the absolute beginner. You are bound to find something that resonnates with your spirit and imagination.

The Cosmic Allies are also the perfect companion to manifestation work. They can help you co-create more effortlessly ushering your vision into reality

For the Advanced Practictioner

This deck is a perfect companion to your altars, spellwork, alchemy, and your astrological, meditation and tarot practices. The accompanying book will offer new ways of communing with these energies while enriching your current practices. The book also serves as a beautiful, quick reference for planetary associations, affinities, and offerings.

Regardless of your skill level

The Cosmic Allies deck will help you enchant your everyday, reclaim the full spectrum of your divine power, and expand what is possible for you.

Cosmic Allies includes:

7 Cosmic Allies Altar Art Cards Each card is both a WORK OF ART and a MAGICAL TALISMAN. Beautifully Crafted. Over-Sized. Double-Thick Matte Card Stock. HOLOGRAPHIC Gilded Edges. Featuring a richly-colored, vibrant and unique illustration on each side. 5”x 6.25”

A BONUS Altar Art Card: “As Above, So Below”

64-page Cosmic Allies book containing:

  • detailed guidance and a multitude of creative suggestions for working with the Cosmic Allies

  • Sections for each Cosmic Ally including a description of the energy, affinities, associations, offerings, a poetic invocation, creative inspiration, mantras, and a bespoke tarot spread

Magical, HOLOGRAPHIC keepsake box for storing the cards and book

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