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Our flower fairies have been tucking away all the BLOOMS for just this moment. 

Our Spring Bloom Box is a limited release that we are filling with blooms abounding. 

Created with the intentions of bringing bliss into your world with intention and our handcrafted seasonal products and with this one you will feel all the magic. 

The bloom box will make you or a loved ones heart swirl, caught up in the magic of the flowers within.  Only 25 boxes available and shipping NOW ! 

Rhubarb and Rose Botanical Syrup

The best of the seasons bounty roses and rhubarb delightfully mixed for creating a luscious combination that is perfect to use where you want that sweet and tart with flowers on top.  Our go to recipe is to put about a teaspoon into the bottom of a champagne flute.  Add 2 strawberries and crush them slightly.  Top with Sparkling wine or water and enjoy! 

On Blooming Tea

Ingredients: Linden, Oatstraw, Fennel, Anise Hyssop, Chamomile,Rose and Violet + Pansy Blossoms. 

Filled with a blend of blooms that will truly make you feel supported and nourished.  Bramble leaves are often used to tighten and tone the uterus, offering a lovely connection to our body.  Then we add in linden blossoms, roses, chamomile and so many other lovelies to make you feel supported and loved from the inside out.   So you feel good and magical. 

Breathe + Bloom Tincture

St. Johns Wort, Mimosa Flower, Lemon Balm, Lemon Verbena, Nasturtium Blossom,Tulsi and Sumac

Bringing the beauty with all the nervine support to relieve tension and maybe make us dance a bit under all the spring time magic. A few drops daily will lighten the load and bring a peaceful simplicity to your day.

Uplift Bliss Spray 

Ingredients:  Tulsi Hydrosol, Essential Oils of Rose Absolute, Jasmine, Tulsi Basil, and Fir Needle

You know you want to be flower forward.

This spray is the way to add all the scents of a garden into a little bottle of goodness. Every time you spray this aromatherapy spray you will feel the lights go up a bit with the elemental energy of Rose, Jasmine, Tulsi Basil with the lifting energy of Fir Needle to truly bring about that bliss. 

Verdant Spring Body + Massage Oil

Ingredients:  Ingredients: Avocado oil infused with Tulsi Basil, Mugwort, Plantain Leaf, Rose. Essential Oil blend of Rose Geranium, wild bergamot, lemon, clary sage, grapefruit.

Do you put a lot on our shoulders?

This infused oil is here to soothe and heal some of that stress that is occurring deep within our souls and manifesting in our tissues. this is our goal to lift ourselves up and feel that freedom within to release and find our souls purpose.  But connecting deeply with your body is one of those synergist ways to release what doesn't serve you and what does.

The Bloom Box will include an insert with more recipes and details and live Zoom meetup to chat about the herbs and practices in this box to really hone in on the magic of it all. 

These boxes will all be ready for pick up or shipping by April 30th just in time for honoring the Mother in your life or YOURself! 


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