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Organic Black Peppercorns 1.25oz

by Cinnamon Tree Organics

All black pepper is not created equal. We work with our farmer to secure fresh harvests and transport it using the shortest supply chain. So the natural oils that give black pepper (Piper nigrum) its intense flavor is still intact and ready to blow you away!

Tasting notes of cayenne, ginger root and tropical heat.

  • USDA certified-organic
  • Grown in the central hills of Sri Lanka
  • Naturally dried in the tropical sun

How to use

You use black pepper every day, but if you haven't tried whole peppercorns before, get a grinder, because you're missing out!

  • Add whole to soups and grains like rice and quinoa as they boil
  • Add as the secret ingredient in our turmeric rice, chai tea and turmeric latte
  • Grind fresh onto salads and pasta
  • Cacio e pepe! Need we say more? (Here's a recipefrom Bon Appetit)
  • Grind onto fresh fruit: try on almost-ripe mango, apple, pineapple, melons and ripe jackfruit — you'll never eat fruit any other way again!

Harvesting details

Our farmer grows his black pepper alongside Ceylon cinnamon in the central hills of Sri Lanka. During the harvesting season between June and August every year, he watches for the berries to start ripening and turning red. This is how he knows it's time to send the pickers up ladders to handpick the berries individually.

Once harvested, the crop is sorted, cleaned and laid out to dry in the intense tropical sun. Basking in the heat, the berries turn dark brown and gain its signature wrinkles, sealing in the flavors.

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