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Apricot Red-Handed Jam

Jamnation Jam's blenheim apricot jam with almond by Jamnation.


Royal Blenheim apricots and delicate almond essence come together to create a seductively smooth + thick jam.   The Royal Blenheim apricot is quite literally called the king of apricots, boasting an intense simultaneously sweet + tangy flavor, far superior to other apricots.   


Ours come from a small family farm in Winters, CA that is not certified organic, but follows the same practices.   The farm employs sustainable methods, does not spray or use pesticides of any sort (instead it uses beneficial insects) and uses organic composts.


Our organic almond extract from Turkey + Pakistan intensifies and complements the earthy sweetness naturally found in the apricot, creating an addictive flavor combination that is like an apricot frangipani tart--without the crust.


Weight: 5 oz.


Ingredients: apricots, organic unrefined cane sugar, organic lemon juice, organic almond extract (organic alcohol, water, bitter almond oil)

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