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2024 Growers Apprenticeship with Joneve Murphy

This full-season course is for folks looking to increase the amount of food they grow and improve their methods.

Whether you are starting a new space or looking to do better with what you have started, this course will help guide you to a bountiful harvest.

There will be 6 classes, held every 4 to 7 weeks, that will cover seasonal planting plans, pests, cultivation, irrigation, and other challenges, as well as a bonus topic and group discussion for each class.

Classes will include lectures and demonstrations as well as opportunities to get your hands in the soil.

This coursework is designed to help you maximize your growing potential while also decreasing your labor within the garden.

In addition to classes, participants will also be entitled to

  • One art in the garden class to be held after the Early Summer Seasonal Class
  • 20% discount on Joneve’s other gardening classes
  • A copy of Joneve’s full Gardening Guide
  • Blank planting plans & workflow calendars to make your season easier.
  • Handouts for each class deep diving into topics
  • Access to Joneve through email as well as a What’s App group chat.
  • 10% discount on custom order Seedlings grown for you. 

An optional add-on is one Spring home visit for one hour for consultations and guidance with Joneve. Choose your selection below or message us for more information. 

Payment plans are available, please contact us directly. 

Class Schedule & Topics

March 17th: Spring in the Garden

  • Writing a planting plan
  • Keeping up with workflow
  • Prepping soil
  • Planting tips
  • Spring workflow chart & planting dates
  • Bonus: Drip irrigation systems & design

April 14th: Spring Check-in Potluck

  • Potluck lunch to share your harvest
  • Planting plan check-in and troubleshooting

May 19th: Early Summer

  • Starting off strong
  • Successional planting and heat-tolerant varietals
  • Pest management for summer
  • Watering for the heat
  • Observation in the garden
  • Summer workflow chart & planting dates
  • Bonus: Art in the garden and natural structures
  • ** This class will include an Art in the Garden Class in the afternoon

June 30th: Starting Fall

  • Successional planting for the fall season
  • Pest management for fall
  • Simple seed-saving techniques.
  • Late summer workflow chart & planting dates
  • Bonus: Composting & effective micro-organisms

August 18th: Late Summer Abundance

  • Canning basics discussion & lecture
  • Tips for freezing the harvest
  • Dry bean processing
  • Pruning for planting space
  • Fall Workflow chart & planting dates.
  • Bonus: Edible Flowers & micro greens

September 15th: Preparing for Frost

  • Season Extension Options
  • Over wintering in the garden
  • Cover cropping
  • Managing for tomato blight
  • Late Fall Workflow chart & planting dates
  • Bonus: Passive Heat Greenhouse Options

October 13th: Winter Management

  • Deep mulch for winter harvest
  • Building fertility for the 25’ season
  • Soil Sampling
  • Cutting back for winter
  • Garlic Planting
  • Bonus: Adding Cut flowers to bring in local pollinators and beneficial insects

November 10th: End of Season Check-in Potluck

  • Potluck lunch to share your harvest.
  • End of Season Notes & Soil test results

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