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How were handling the change?

How were handling the Covid-19 Crisis. 

Updated May 1st 2020

How were handling the crisis.   One were taking lots of herbs. 

Hello Wild Roots Friends and Family,
We are finding new ways to connect with our community. We have the following options and resources for you:

    • Telephone ordering call ‪(540) 227-0491and leave a message we will get back to you within 1 business days. 
    • For urgent orders email
  • we just put our entire shop online for you to get the most of your shopping experience

While our Santa Rosa location is closed to the public until notice that it is safe to do otherwise, here are the details on how we can continue to serve our community.

External safety operating procedures:

    • Pick up is available 11-4 Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Monday.
    •  During order pick-up, we ask that customers and clients observe the safe physical distance of 6 feet as we place their package on a table to be picked up once we have stepped back in the building. We thank you for your patience and understanding about this important measure. 
    • If you have made an order over the phone, we will call you when your order is ready.
    • If you have made your order online, you will get an email letting you know when your order is ready.
    • Same-day pick up may not be available for tinctures or custom formulations; we will let you know when your order is ready.

Internal safety operating procedures:

  • We allow wide berth for deliveries arriving from our mail carriers and utilize gloves while unpacking shipments.
  • All staff members are observing safe physical distance from one another. 
  • We are using 75% alcohol solution to sanitize surfaces after cleaning them, as well as doorknobs, phones, keyboards, pens, etc.
  • We are using soap and water to wash our hands constantly, as we know this is the best way to protect ourselves and our customers! We utilize hand sanitizer with a minimum of 62% alcohol on hands in between washings with our Four Thieves Hand Sanitizer. 

We will continue to pass the information on to you through newsletters (<--subscribe to receive) and social media. We can be more nimble with our social updates. Check-in with us on Facebook and Instagram to see our recent updates.

And finally! How are you? We'd like to know. Send us a message and let us know what would be supportive right now. 

Big green blessings to each one of you,

Colleen O'Bryant

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