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Herbal Immersion: Winter Wellness and Immunity



Are you DONE with constantly having sore throats, snots and sniffles and colds? 

 I've crafted adynamic plan for an herbal immersion to teach you how to using herbs and spices, 

infused oils and traditional remedies to support you and your family this winter.   

In only seven weeks you can have your plan for building immunity and staying healthy.

Staying out of the doctors office, staying in school and enjoying the holiday season without have the constant battle of the running noses, sore throats, fevers and ear aches.  

Here's the key though, you have to be ready.   Building you and your families immune systems NOW will help ward off the colds and flus for this season AND all the seasons to come.  

During the course of six weeks, you will learn how to make time tested herbal recipes to keep you and your family supported whenever the "CRUD" comes knocking at your door.  

After this course you will feel like  germ fighting Wonder People. 


To put the cape on and empower yourself with

 time tested herbal remedies.  

That actually work.  

Here are the weekly modules we will be covering in depth with deep discussions about plants and herbs, corresponding recipes, how-tos and guides to be at the ready for the following. 

  • Nutrition and Immune Building 

  • Coughs, Sinus & Respiratory 

  • Colds & Flus 

  • Ear, Nose and Throat 

  • Stomach & Digestive  

  • Kitchen Witching: Apothecary & Medicine Making

    AND  just added the  BONUS Herbs for Children and Elderly 

How do I participate in this class ?

Well here is the the fun part, you get to make your own medicines.  Meaning we actually use the knowledge we gain from the LIVE class to make what YOU and your family need. 

This is just a glance at the recipes we will be learning how to make and how to use.  

 You will feel so much more empowered to support your family with

 these recipes and knowledge.

 St. John's wort & Garlic Ear Oil 

 Propolis and Sage Throat Spray 

Wild Cherry & Rosehip Cough Syrup

 Crud Buster Black Elderberry Syrup 

Sage & Thyme Infused Honey 

Yummy Elderberry Gummies  

and so many more.  

 You will be getting my PROVEN strategy and  remedies that work 

 based out of my 8 plus years of experience plus the knowledge to craft your own 

wellness plan.   

Only seven weeks to understand the herbal basics AND stay healthy this season. 

Who is this for? 

For anyone who's suffered through trips to the doctor, the frustration of not knowing if the over the counter medicines are helping or hurting us or our children. 

Really this is a DIY class.


I will be offering the guidance, the recipes and the know - how but you've got to be able to get it done.  I will always suggest products that are off the shelf from our apothecary and other makers and herbalist that I love.  

Do you feel like you're a hypochondriac filled with worry when the NEXT sickness is going to invade your house? 

Never really sure of what to do with the bags of herbal teas, syrups and tinctures you may have bought in the past but never used? 

Then this is the workshop you've been waiting for.  Get ready now before the slippery slope of sickness comes knocking.

Who is this NOT for? 

I hesitate to say this but if you don't like to be in the kitchen, I will suggest off the shelve products but really this is for someone who wants to have their own apothecary of remedies at the ready and this takes a little bit of work. 

Also if you have a chronic illness or are immunosuppressed, please schedule a callbefore you sign up for this program.  


 When and how does this work? 

Herbal Immersion: Immunity and Wellness starts 


Workbooks, Recipes & How to's will be delivered weekly one day (or more) prior to our live meeting.  

You will have a step by step guidance to craft your own immunity plan and take notes on the material. 

All the videos will be recorded and stored for you to view and use when you need to or when you have time. 

 You do NOT have to be there live to have your questions answered. 

 Although I will be teaching LIVE for about an hour you will have time to ask me questions after the class.   

You will also have access to a private Facebook community group where you can ask questions on recipes, products and how to be an help you and your family grow deeper in knowledge. 

Can't wait to get started educating, learning and being a part of your herbal journey. 


The REST.  Costs, Value & Details

Cost for program: 

$350 paid in full or $375 for a 3 payment offering.

You will have access to the course material will be always and forever.  It will be downloadable and relevant since this is all time tested through tradition and experience. 

Think about the cost of going to the doctors office JUST one time, with time off of school & work.  Add in the prescriptions costs and down time not doing the things you love.  

By the end of the seven weeks you will have a plan for building immunity, the knowing of  how to heal you and yours naturally AND all the access to my brain that you can.  

I'm keeping it very simple.  


You'll get me for seven weeks answering questions and showing you the way to add herbs into your life in an easy way. 

I really hope you make Immunity and  Wellness a part of your wonderful winter with natural healing options. 

Have any questions or want to talk to Colleen about this program? 

Click here to schedule a 15 minute appointment. 



 Wild Roots Apothecary and it's employees, representatives and educators content is for educational purposes only and should not be considered medical advice or a substitute for medical treatment. Please consult your medical care provider before using herbal medicine. Make certain of your identification prior to harvesting any plant or mushroom as ingestion, application, or other use of some plants and mushrooms may cause illness or death.  


About Colleen 

Hellos, I’m Colleen O’Bryant, Founder of Wild Roots Apothecary and I’m so glad you’re here. 

 You see, it’s no coincidence that you’ve landed on this page today. It’s part of your journey and if you’re willing to lean in and get curious, I can assure you there’s something here for you. 

 Whether you’ve landed here because your neighbor told you elderberry syrup is better than the flu shot or because you’ve been working on healing yourself for years and are ready to dip your toe in Western Herbalism, we’ve got you. 

 Truth time: I used to be an insurance agent. (Spoiler alert: this did NOT light me up.) When I got pregnant with my son in 2008, things shifted. I started studying holistic nutrition and as they introduced more and more herbs, my curiosity peaked. I had always been a gardener and I loved that idea that I could grow my own medicine. I enrolled in a Western Herbalism course, began working with my mentor, and through a series of divinely time events, I opened up a brick and mortar and have been introducing and guiding people to and through the healing power of plants ever since.


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