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Careers with Wild Roots Apothecary

We are now accepting applications for Apothecary Manager through March 8th with the job starting ideally March 15th. 

Apothecary Manager

The primary responsibility of the Apothecary Manager is to be the leader and holder of all the systems. In this job you will be exemplifying Wild Roots Apothecary's core values of education, empowerment, generosity of spirit, and inclusivity to connect the dots between people and plants. The manager works to build an environment that puts the customer first and opens the doors to engagement and growth, person by person and plant by plant.

The Apothecary Manage must enjoy a retail setting and have at least a basic foundational school of herbalism, hands-on use of plants and medicine- making, and be comfortable in a clinical setting. The ideal candidate is an outgoing, charismatic, and intuitive person who genuinely enjoys working with people as an agent of customer service. A successful manager will be flexible, positive, eager to learn, and able to support a growing business.


The key responsibilities for this position are as follows:

Customer Service

  • Helps to create a warm, upbeat, and inclusive vibe in the apothecary
  • Has a strong understanding of and belief in the customer service values of Wild Roots Apothecary and always shows a positive attitude when executing tasks
  • Shows charitable assumption + kindness for all customers
  • Holds the standard for customer service and satisfaction
  • Maintains a vast knowledge of all of the products we carry
  • Makes an effort to share product stories with customers as a tool to encourage sales
  • Actively attempts to find answers to product inquiries on their own using available resources
  • Personalizes customer interactions by sharing thoughtful product stories and exemplary knowledge beyond the basics
  • Uses customer questions as an opportunity to share compelling product information

    Procedures + Operations

    • Diligently follows up with all expected duties and creates systems and procedures to enhance workflows
    • Proactively finds solutions to complex problems, seeks to make the workplace efficient, and executes tasks with efficiency
    • Maintains the knowledge and confidence to troubleshoot, handle tricky customer service issues, and delegate to shop associates while acting as the lead team member on the floor
    • Handles day-to-day operations of the apothecary, not limited to customer service, ordering, wholesale account management, marketing, etc.
    • Assists or makes decisions as needed to uphold the mission and culture
    • Actively works on merchandising, replenishment, and style
    • Can train and help hire the right people at the right time
    • Constantly has their finger on the pulse of the apothecary
    • Has a strong ability to set up systems and maintain the flow of business
    • Can see opportunities to grow and enhance the business
    • Works smoothly with production assistant to maintain inventory levels

      Requirements and Position Details

      • Full-time salaried position with bonus opportunities
      • Relocation allocation
      • Flexible availability + commitment to working weekends and holidays a must (3-5 weekend shifts per month)
      • Experience in herbalism, customer service, and project management strongly desired.
      • Must have Virgo in your chart!

      TO APPLY

      Please send an email with your résumé, pay expectations, and why you think you’d be perfect for our team to:

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