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5 Day Herbal reset Challenge

FREE 5-Day Herbal Reset Challenge

Get ready to enjoy the magic of herbs and spices, in the easiest way possible. 

 Dust off your spice blend folxs because we will be making some herbal connections.  

This is a reset challenge to really get you in the groove for a spicy 2020. 

 Adding potent herbs into your daily give you so many benefits.

Here are some of my favs: 

+ boost immunity

 + nutrient absorption

+ Increase vitality

+ support your body on a cellular level

+ promote increase removal of harmful organisms

+ fully make you go mmmm. 

+ learn how and when to use these remedies

Let me show you how.  

My work with herbs and spices starts with a LOVE of cooking and mixing flavors together that not only taste good but can make you feel better too. 

Have digestive woes?  

Add ground fennel to your salad dressings.   

And maybe some anise seed or caraway to your oatmeal.  

Make yourself some ginger & thyme tea

Feel a headache coming on? 

Have a spicy shot of cayenne, honey & vinegar to clear you out.  

Starting to feel sick?  

Shake some sage & thyme in your soup

Make a chai tea filled with allspice, cinnamon & ginger


Each day I'll be pulling a spices or herbs from my pantry and making them shine.

  Getting to know the herbal benefits aka magic will let them rise to the top of your list for gaining confidence to use what our pantry and spice rack gives us. 

Join in now. 

 The 5-Day Herbal Reset Program STARTS on January 21st. 

 Each day you'll get an email from me explaining the benefits of each herb. 

 And you'll get added to our private facebook community to ask your questions, post pictures and get me nerding out about the plants each day. 

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