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Botanical Alchemist Kit

Created to enjoy the aromatic joy of plants.

Create your own combinations and follow the recipe for beautiful cocktails and mocktails all season long. 

Love a Gin + Tonic.  Splash a little elegance in there with our Elderberry Lavender Syrup. 

Make a fiery Margarita with our Rosehip Syrup, Lime Juice, and an infused habanero Tequila.

Make an amped-up Mojito with our Lemon Cardamom Syrup, Lime Juice, Mint, and Pineapple

Love Old Fashioneds?  Well, our Orange Fennel syrup might just make you love them a wee bit more.   

What's included:

Two of our aromatic bitters: CocoCherry Bitters our goto for Manhattans & Old Fashioned AND our Cardamom Chamomile Bitters for Gin Sours & French 75

One each of our 9 oz Botanical Syrups:

Orange Fennel, Rosehip Hibiscus Syrup, Elderberry Lavender, Lemon Cardamom

Aromatic spice bundle of Juniper, Star Anise & Cinnamon for muddling and garnish.

Recipe Guide to Crafting Cocktails using our syrups and bitters combos

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Customer Reviews

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Jennifer S. Rubin
Wonderful Stuff

Delicious and inspiring. Can’t wait for a summer filled with (socially distanced) fancy drinks and Yummy treats made with these.

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