Natural Beauty: Face, Body, Spirit

Welcome to our place of replenishment, whether it is our beautiful Sunshine and Roses Face Grains that make your skin plump and juicy without stripping the moisture out or our beautiful Serenity balm that adds a little bit of luxury for your everyday life.  Herbs + Magic = Healthy body, minds and souls.

Sweet Slumber Balm


Deep calming rest isn't easy for everyone.  This balm is wonderful for pulling in the powerful harmony of lavender, rosewood, tulsi basil for enveloping your emotions and putting them to...

Sunshine & Roses Face Grains


Sunshine & Roses Face Grains is a riff on the classic miracle grains. This is a nourishing blend of oats and almonds along with my trinity of face flowers herbs...

Lavender and Calendula Nectar


Our Lavender & Calendula Face and Body Nectar might just become your new favorite beauty elevator. This beautiful nectar is designed to bring a luxurious boost to your natural beauty care...