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Autumn Medicine Making Series

Autumn Medicine Making Series is now open for registration! 

Join us for one class or register for all three at a $50 discount (put all three items in your cart and selectcheckout to see the discount).

Let's make some Plant Medicine together this Fall that will carry us through the Winter months in a healthy, happier way. 

We will start the day with a Plant Identification and Weed Walk along the Thornton River to explore and learn about the habitat and gentle harvesting of the Fall while learning details on how to utilize these plants to keep ourselves healthy and sane throughout the Winter season. 

Then we'll learn about plant remedies and how to make them! These remedies are all intended to bring about a strong connection between you and the plant medicine that you are making. 

Our Autumnal series features remedies to boost immunity and create everyday routines and rituals for building and supporting the nervous, immune, and skeletal systems during the colder months. 

Each class in this series is a beautiful chance to learn about the individual abundance of plants, but together you can build a beautiful apothecary just in time for the Fall & Winter Season. 

September - Prevention Remedies

Immune-building Broths, Herbal Tea Blending, Nourishing Infusions and Chai Magic 

Focusing on the energetics of the season, we will craft two herbal teas that will hold you through the season and support what your body wants and needs. With Colleen's guidance, you will learn how to work on the energetic synergy needed during the fall season to warm, lift and sustain our bodies when things move slower in and around us. 

This class will focus on increasing bioavailable nutrients for our bodies (and souls) through nourishing broths and nutritive foods, focusing on how these can be used as preventative medicines. 

Immune Broth Kit: Make a tasty and effective remedy to add to your stocks and broths to add an herbal punch. 

Elderberry PLUS Syrup: Adding a daily Elderberry syrup into your world with all its antioxidants will support overall wellness and boost your immune system to hold and catch you whenever the germs come knocking. 

Immune Building Chai Tea: Make a chai that works for everyday wellness and tastes delicious too. 

Plants featured: Turkey Tail, Astragalus, Reishi, Cardamom, Chai Spices, Rosemary, Elderflower, Dandelion, Elderberry, Marshmallow root

October: Acute Herbal Remedies on Demand

Crafting your medicine cabinet with the remedies you'll reach for when a fever or cold comes at you or yours. 

To make the medicine slightly more effortless, we will explore the ins and outs of using acute remedies to encourage the body back into balance. 

In this workshop, we'll make beautiful remedies that can be used when you most need them.

Lung Relief Herbal Tea: Infection fighting and calming 

Immune Boost Tincture:  Get that sick out of here. Use at the onset of sickness and throughout will shorten the duration and severity of the cold or flu. 

Wild Cherry Bark Cough Syrup: aptly named Stop the Hack, this antispasmodic syrup supports the respiratory system in all ways. 

Plants featured: Elecampane, Propolis, Mullein, Echinacea, Comfrey, Wild Cherry Bark, Bee Balm, Goldenrod, Sage.

November: Spirit Lifting Remedies for the Fall & Winter

In this class, we'll enjoy and explore herbal remedies that bring a little magic and light into our Fall and Winter doldrums by reaching for the sunshine of Summer to sustain and build our energy and light when we need it most. 

This is a class to help the hearts and minds of our Fall and Winter spirits to lift and hold us through the days. 

Glowy Herbally infused Oil for nourishing and allowing you to self-soothe your skin from the outside in with a little warming magic from Ginger. 

Bring the Light Tincture:When we feel low and uninspired due to the gray or blues, this energetically lifting remedy can support our mind and mood. 

Heart Happy & Whole Cordialfor keeping our hearts and mind happy throughout the season. 

Plants featured: Hawthorn, Tulsi, Rose, Lemon Balm, Calendula, Cinnamon, Mimosa, Daimana

Notes about this series:

This series is for the home herbalist who wants to learn about plants and the medicine they provide through hands-on, practical knowledge with lots of herbal magic thrown in!

Each class will have a workbook you can download with plant profiles and recipes for building your apothecary and confidence to use plant medicine daily. 

Herbal Teas & Snacks provided. 

This series aims to educate and empower home herbalists to feel confident and prepared to support the body, whether for wellness or disease, are taught by Colleen O'Bryant, herbalist, forager, medicine maker, and owner of Wild Roots Apothecary.

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