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Wild + Rooted Collective Community Share Box - QUARTERLY + SHIPPING

 Our theme for this next round is Summer of Herbal Love


Our Community Supported Herbal Agriculture program is EVOLVING this summer. 

This adventure is a community based offering of handcrafted herbal products made with love, that you can use all summer long. 

We now have automatic billing options here for Monthly with no renewal process. 

Over the last year so many lovely folks have joined in on this community supporting adventure.  Here's what it is! 

From June til August will be focusing on the cooling plants of summer, ways to heal and support our bodies natural processes of removing toxins, cooling down all over the body (think inflammation) and allowing us to rest and recover a little more naturally through out the season. 

Each month you will receive three to four shelf-stable hand-crafted herbal products that are meant to be used on a daily basis, fresh and dried plants and a booklet all about our plant of the month. All the products incorporate the bounty of summer and the energy of the sun. 

Here's what were creating for June!

Elderflower + Mint Tea -  Elderflowers, Ginger Mint, Spearmint, Anise Hyssop Blossoms

June Refresh Me Tonic - Apple Cider Vinegar, Local Honey, Mulberries, Lemon balm, fresh Oat Tops, Spiceberry Leaves, Mulberries, Blueberries, Cherries, Schizandra Berries, Red clover, Ginger, Lemon, limes.

Lavender Juniper Facial Toner - Lavender Hydrosol, Elderflower blossoms infused in witch hazel + touch of juniper Essential Oil 

Elderflower + Rose Dream Creme - Elderflowers, honeysuckle, plantain, mulberry leaf, wild roses, shea butter, mango butter, avocado oil, vitamin E and local beeswax

WHY we do this? 

As we develop this collective spirit of learning through the plants, Colleen is now adding in a recipe PDF and Herbal Monograph on the plants so you can co-create on the next level.  

Our plants for the Summer

June: Elderflower(learn how to make Elderflower Cordial) 

July: Lemon Basil or Anise Hyssop (Learn how to make our Sprite Lift Tea) 

August: Calendula (Learn how to make a Superb Healing Creme)

These products are captured at the essence of their prime each month, so every month are remedies that will support your body throughout the summer. 

With our Community Supported Herbal Share our goal is to support you by filling your pantry, medicine cabinet, and bathroom with Colleen's signature way of exploring the complexities of the plant's bounty without being overwhelming.

Really it makes you the hero of the summer, armed with our all natural goodies.  

BONUS offerings for our share members: 

  • Live zoom webinars about the featured plants
  • free plant walks, videos and recipes
  • NEW - pdf guide  featuring a recipes, gardening tips, harvesting, remedies and monograph on each plant. 
  • A special 10% off share member discount in-shop and online

How It Works:

    This share is an herbal treasure trove of what I love to create and make - these products will make you feel connected to plant medicine with me as your guide.  Feeling connected and supported. 

    The shares are shipped the second week of every month from June through August and you get all the herbal support you need. 

    This "community share" allows us to pay our bills like rent, payroll and utilities no matter what and bring much-needed security for herbalists and small businesses like mine.  That we can keep on keeping on.

    We are still recovering from an epic year of all of it and need your continued support. 

    Message me at for any questions. 

    Green Blessings,


    If your interested in what a box looks like check out our Bloom Box from May 2021.

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