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July Summer Share: Wild + Rooted Collective Community Supported Shares

Welcome to the cooling of July Share!  I loved putting together all elements of bringing the heat out of the body using herbal allies to do so.  You’ll enjoy each of these products on their own, but if you can put it together in a day it would look like this for me:

This month's share is filled with the cooling essence of summer! 

Cool Bee Tea 

I had to fight the bees for this tea, so it's aptly named, filled with the refreshing summer flavors of Lemon Balm, Peppermint, Lemon Verbena + Hibiscus. This tea is perfect as a sun tea or medicinal infusion.

Wineberry + Elderflower Syrup 

We harvested A LOT of these sticky berries to make this perfect summer day syrup concentrate - tart and almost puckery. It's a little bit of cooling magic with all the essence of an evening on the porch with the sun setting. I loved it in a glass of sparkling water with a few berries to top it off. 

In the Garden Vinegar 

filled with wild greens and then a little spicy with just hot peppers, garlic and tomatoes are perfect for a light lunch drizzle over anything! These vinegars are filled with the herby greens of spring and summer so you’ll be getting your daily dose of nourishing herbs to keep on keeping on. 

Lavender + Plantain Whipped Shea Butter 

A little goes a long way with this one! I wanted to make something for my dry and summer loved skin. We take the dark green oil made with the weeds from our garden and add a beautifully infused lavender oil and whip it! Moisturizing to the nth degree.

Anti-Itch Peppermint Spray

You know that itch.It's all-consuming and frustrating. So we needed herbs that could stop the itch on contact.

This spray was crafted to make the itch go away.Our Anti-Itch Topical Spray works to help prevent and combat the itchy and irritating signs of inflamed poison ivy, poison oak, bug bites and other itchy skin irritations


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Then the day is done, and you’ve enjoyed the magic of the plants all day long.  

Enjoy!  All the green blessings,

Colleen + the Wild Roots Crew

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