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Rosehip Hibiscus Botanical Syrup

Tart and earthy, this intricate blend of rosehips and hibiscus starts any cocktail and evening party punch off on the right note.

 Our "gateway" syrups for exploring our little corner of the world with sweet and tart.  Great for kiddos. 

+ Bring some spice to a bubbly water blend, mix a margarita or build a base with Gin.
+ Add 1 tablespoon of this bright syrup to 12 ounces of sparkling water or ice tea for a delicious treat!
+ Excellent add to champagne or sparkling wine.

The base for the Fiery Run Margarita at Francis bar.  

Rosehip Hibiscus Cocktail Recipes


Bottle Size: 9 oz & 17 oz


Ingredients: Water, Sugar, Hibiscus flowers, Star Anise pods, Rosehips, Coriander Seeds, Lemon Juice, Citric Acid

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Arianna Stone
Amazing syrups

Absolutely love all of their botanical syrups. They have unique and delicious flavor combos that never disappoint. They taste great added to sparkling water, cocktails, and even mixed into ice cream! Would highly recommend all their flavors.

Courtnie Magamoll
Excellent product!

The rose hip~hibiscus syrup is delicious and super refreshing. I love using it in my sparkling water!

Kymberly Messersmith
Champagne and marinade

Loving this cocktail syrup for two reasons. First. put a dollop in the bottom of champagne glass and then add the champers. Second, on a whim, I added a tablespoon + a little more to a marinade that I made for pork tenderloins (also fresh ginger and soy sauce). WOWOWOWOW, what a nice flavor. Even got a solid comment out of the husband, now that is a compliment!

Jessica Aldrich
Delicious & Versatile

The Rosehip Hibiscus Botanical Syrup is delicious and mixes well with sparking water, into lattes, and cocktails.

Barbara Black

Nothing like these flavorful, naturally harvested and produced syrups for cocktails & mocktails!

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